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GAHS LS The Haunting of Hawthorne

Characters in the book
Valerie Moran
Main Character, very smart, has epilepsy, wants to teach handicapped kids, crush on Basil, trying for Scholarship.
Basil Harris
Exchange Student, becomes student president, old fashioned, (spirit of W.E. Hawthorne) He likes Valerie.
Jan Draper
Popular, pretty, becomes jealous of Val, hangs out withJim & Dennie, flirt,She is responsible for hospitalizing Mrs. Gottsman,
Suspened from school.
Valerie's best friend, nominates Basil for student council re-election.
Bob Short
Show-off, died in a car accident, drove a red convertible.
Jim Argus
student council president, troublemaker, forced out as president
Dennie Plover
troublemaker, friends w/
Jan & Jim attacked basil with chains; put Jan up to vandalizing music music room
Evan Wasserman
Valedictorian, smart ,Won Scholarship, wanted to teach Biology.
Tasha Philips
Salutarian, smart
George Walsh
Student in music class
Keith Plover
Dennie's older brother, was in prison twice, attacked Basil w/tire chains . meaner then Dennie.
William Evans Hawthorne
School named after him, statue, 1st principal died while trying to save students, (Basil Harris)
Mr. Kramer
History Teacher
Ms. Brundage
Didn't understand epilepsy, speech teacher, hols Valerie back because of epilepsy, scholarship committee
Mrs. Gottsman
Music teacher, oldest teacher at Hawthorne, Jewish, grew up in concentration camp, hand was damaged by guard, room was vandalized, was hospitalized.
Mr. Prager
English teacher/Homeroom teacher
Ms. Walters
Mr. Kramer's substitute teacher, southern accent.
Ms. Baldwin
Faith Harris
Basil's grandmother/old-fashioned
Director of the cener for the handicapped.
Ms. Holman
replaced Mrs. Gottsman/good friends with MS. Brundage
Mr. Samson
Biology teacher
Mr. Dorman
Vice principal