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  1. kinesiology
  2. contraction
  3. my/o
  4. bradykinesia
  5. tenaglia
  1. a The related combining form for muscle is:
  2. b The study of muscular activity and the resulting movement of body parts is called:
  3. c The tightening of a muscle is called:
  4. d Pain in a tendon is called
  5. e The extreme slowness in movement is called:

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  1. Decreasing the angle between two bones by bending a limb at a joint is called:
  2. Increasing the angle between two bones or straightening out a limb is called:
  3. Inflammation of a skeletal muscle is called:
  4. The act of rotating the arm or the leg so that the palm of the hand or sole of the foot is turned
    downward or backward is called:
  5. This condition is an inflammation of the tissues surrounding the elbow.

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  1. impingement syndromeThis condition occurs when inflamed and swollen tendons are caught in the narrow space between the bones within the shoulder joint.


  2. adductionThe circular movement around an axis such as at the shoulder joint is called:


  3. myosclerosisInflammation of a skeletal muscle is called:


  4. rheumatologistPain in a tendon is called


  5. myomalaciaThe abnormal softening of muscle tissue is called: