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  1. myosclerosis
  2. kinesiology
  3. hyperkinesia
  4. rotation
  5. tenaglia
  1. a Pain in a tendon is called
  2. b The abnormal hardening of muscle tissue is called:
  3. c The circular movement around an axis such as at the shoulder joint is called:
  4. d This term, also called hyperactivity, is abnormally increased motor function or activity.
  5. e The study of muscular activity and the resulting movement of body parts is called:

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  1. This condition occurs when inflamed and swollen tendons are caught in the narrow space between the bones within the shoulder joint.
  2. The tightening of a muscle is called:
  3. The movement of a limb toward the midline of the body is called:
  4. Decreasing the angle between two bones by bending a limb at a joint is called:
  5. This medical specialist treats disorders that involve inflammation of connective tissues, including muscles.

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  1. my/oThe weakness or wearing away of body tissues and structures is called:


  2. myositisThe related combining form for muscle is:


  3. myomalaciaInflammation of a skeletal muscle is called:


  4. epicondylitisThis condition is an inflammation of the tissues surrounding the elbow.


  5. atrophyThe weakness or wearing away of body tissues and structures is called: