Population Size

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Practice / Homework

Orange trees planted in an orchard would most likely fall in which category of population distribution?


Identify the abiotic limiting factor from the choices below.


What are the biotic and abiotic factors that limit population size?

The biotic and abiotic factors that limit population size are space, food, shelter, water, climate, competitive exclusion, and temperature.

What are the possible impacts on the limiting factors that determine population size of an extended period of lower than normal rainfall?

he population's resource supply will be directly affected. The amount of water available will be less than usual, which will in turn affect the food supply of different animals. This will likely cause the birth rate to decrease and the death rate to increase, which will reduce the population size. In order to overcome the effects of the drought, animals may migrate temporarily or perhaps emigrate to new locations where water is more readily available.

Which of the following conditions would lead to a small population size?

a low birth to death ratio

How does population density differ from population size?

Population size looks at the total number of organisms in a population. Population density, however, looks at the total number of organisms in a given area. A population with a small number of organisms can have a higher population density than a larger population if they live in a very small area. For example, the overall population of the United States is greater than the population of Japan, but Japan's population density is greater.

Why is it important to look at the combination of birth and death rates when considering population size?

It is important to look at the combination of birth and death rates, because a high birth rate alone will not lead to a large population size. If a population has a high birth rate, but has an even higher death rate the population size will decrease. Conversely, if a population has a low birth rate, but has an even lower death rate the population size will increase.

A population distribution shows _______.

where and in what arrangement organisms are located

How do the biotic and abiotic limiting factors of an ecosystem determine its carrying capacity?

The carrying capacity of an ecosystem is the total number of organisms it can support. Biotic and abiotic limiting factors such as the amount of available space, food, water, and shelter determine how many organisms can live within an ecosystem. An ecosystem with a high availability of these limiting factors will be able to support more organisms and will have a greater carrying capacity.

Which of the following species is an R-selected species?


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