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Chapter 9, 10, 11, & 12

Additive Sculpture

In sculpture, adding material or assembling materials to create form


In sculpture, a framework for supporting plastic material


A work of art that is composed of found objects. Artist manipulate preexisting objects and sometimes incorporate them with other mediums, such as painting or printmaking


In sculpture, the process of cutting away material, such as wood


The process of creating a form by pouring a liquid material into a mold, allowing it to harden, and then removing the mold.

Cast Iron

A hard alloy of iron containing silicon and carbon that is made by casting


The art of creating baked clay objects, such as pottery and earthenware


The combination of the visual elements of art according to such principles as balance and unity


In architecture, a hemispherical structure that is round when viewed from beneath.

Dry Masonry

Brick or stone construction without use of mortar


Works that have a temporary immediacy or are built with the recognition that they will disintegrate.


The applied science of equipment design intended to minimize performance to the user

Flying Buttress

A buttress that is exterior to a building but connected in a location that permits the buttress to support an interior vault.

Geodesic Dome



The art of shaping molten glass into glass objects by blowing air through a tube.


In ceramics, a hard, glossy coating formed by applying a liquid suspension of powdered material to the surface of a ware, which is then dried and fired at a temperature that causes the ingredients to melt together.


In architecture, the wedge-shaped stone placed in the top center of an arch to prevent the arch from falling inward.


An oven used for drying and firing ceramics.

Kinetic Sculpture

Sculpture that actually moves


A way of organizing design elements in printed material, such as a magazine or book page.


A distinctive emblematic design or signature used to identify and advertise a company or an organization

Lost Wax Technique

A bronze-casting process in which an initial mold is made from a model (usually clay) and filled with molten wax. A second, fire resistant mold is made from the wax and molten bronze is cast in it.

Mixed Media

The use of two or more media to create a singe image


A type of kinetic sculpture that moves in response to air currents


In sculpture, the process of shaping a pliable material, such as clay or wax, into a three-dimensional form


A fine crust or film that forms on bronze or copper because of oxidation. It usually provides a desirable greenish or greenish blue tint to the metal.

Pointed Arches

An arch that comes to a point rather than curves at the top


A hard, white, translucent, nonporous clay body. The bisque is fired at a relatively low temperature and the glaze at a high temp.

Post and Lintel

Construction in which vertical elements are used to support horizontal crosspieces.


Found objects that are exhibited as works of art, frequently after being placed in a new context with a new title

Relief Sculpture

Sculpture that is carved to ornament architecture or furniture, as opposed to freestanding sculpture.


The art of carving, casting, modeling, or assembling materials into three-dimensional figures or forms

Site-specific Art

Art that is produced in or for one location and is not intended to be relocated

Steel Cage construction

A method of building that capitalizes on the strength of steel by piecing together slender steel beams to form the skeleton of a structure.


A ceramic that is fired at a 2,300-2,700 F. The resulting object is usually gray but can be tan or reddish. Nonporous or slightly porous and is used in dinnerware and ceramics sculpture.

Subtractive Sculpture

In sculpture, the removal of material, as in carving.

Terra Cotta (earthenware)

A hard reddish brown earthenware used in sculpture and pottery; usually left unglazed.


The making of fabrics by the interlacing of threads or fibers, as on a loom.

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