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Indian Independence Movement


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Where were the Indian Independence Movements?
Indian subcontinent, British India, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka
Great Britain ruled India for:
Almost two centries
Indians were educated in __________ schools.
Indians were taugh the western ideas of ...
Nationalism and democracy.
The result of Indians learning western ideas was that they demanded
freedom from British rule.
What two groups did the Indians from?
The Congress Party (Hindu's) and the Muslim League.
Why were the Congress Party and the Muslim League formed?
To address the issue of Independence.
Mohandas Gandhi
Leader of India's independence movement.
What did Gandhi do to encourage Indian independence from the British?
Organized a campaign of non-cooperation with the British, Used civil disobedience for unjust laws and urged non-violence
What did Gandhi ask the Indians to stop doing?
stop paying British taxes, boycott British goods, Stop voting, and stop attending British schools.
What was Britain's concern when they granted India independence?
They were concerned about the growing tension between the Hindus and Muslims.
When did Britain agree to Indian Independence?
August 1946
What was done to keep stability in India?
Divide India (Hindu) and Pakistan(Muslim)
What is the world's larges democratic nation?
The Republic of India
What did adopting a Federal System do?
It gave many powers to the states.
Jawaharal Nehru
India's first Prime Minister
What did Nehru try to accomplish as Prime Minister?
1950 Constitution, tried to prohibit caste discrimination, help women gain rights, emphasized democracy, unity and economic independence, Pushed for industrialization, and economic development to ease financial problems of the nation.
When was the Mandate system established?
at the end of World War I by the League of Nations.
What did the Mandate system do?
The victors of World War I were given responsibility for governing former Germans and Ottoman territories as mandates from the League.
What was the final goal of the Mandate system?
eventual independence.
What happened when the Mandate system ended?
New states were created in the middle east.
What was the result of the new states created from the mandate system.
Middle east conflicts were created by religious differences.
French Mandates
Syria and Lebanon
British Mandates
Jordan and Palestine (Divided into 2 parts past WWII - one part Palestinians and one part Jews)
Golda Meir
First woman Prime Minister of Israel.
What did Meir accomplish
Sought support of the US, Led Israel to victory in Yom Kippur war, Attacked by Egypt on Yom Kippur (most holy day in Jewish faith) Won war and regained most of Israel's lost territory.
Gamal Abdul Nasser
President of Egypt
What did Nasser accomplish
Launched surprise attack on Israel on Yom Kippur. Established relationship with the Soviet Union. Nationalized Suez Canal, Built Aswan High Dam to control the Nile river.
Developed Nations
Nations with the industrialization, transportation and business facilities for advance production of manufactured goods.
Characteristics of developed nations?
economic growth and security, Level of Industrialization, amount of widespread infrastructure, Literacy of the citizens, and Access to health care
Developing/Emerging Nations
Nations that are in the process of becoming industrialized. Developed nations often outsource to these countries because labor is cheap.
Characteristics of a Developing/Emerging Nation
Low income, Inadequate housing, poor health, Inadequate or nonexistant public services.
Technological Advancements
Scientific knowledge prompted great progress that quickly led to new industries and technological advances in manufacturing reduced the need for factory workers.
What advances changed the processing of information?
Computerization and Communication
By the 1980's people could transmit information ---
quickly and cheaply
Environmental Chanllenges
Technology and Industrialization have helped to raise the standard of living for many people: however it has also affected the global environment.
Increases on the demands for energy and resources has led to:
Increased pollution, shortage of resources, loss of habitat, and gobal warming
Social Challenges
poverty, poor health, Illiteracy, famine, and migration