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The following statements concerning the brain stem is true

Damage to the brain stem is usually fatal.

In the C S, clusters of gray matter containing cell bodies are called


The fact that the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body is explained by the

decussation of the pyramids in the medulla.

The following is correctly associated with the medulla oblongata?

It contains nuclei for regulation of heart rate and blood vessel diameter.

The pyramids of the medulla contain

descending motor tracts.

Walking a tightrope would activate what portiones) of the medulla

the pyramids and the olives

Consider the following five terms and determine which does not belong.


A patient with a traumatic head injury may exhibit vomiting as a result of irritation of nuclei in the

medulla oblongata

A small lesion in the brainstem which resulted in a rapid heart rate, intense vasoconstriction, and elevated blood pressure would probably be located in the

medulla oblongata.

The part of the brain that connects the medulla to the midbrain is the


The nucleus for the facial nerve (cranial nerve VII) is located in the


Damage to pontine nuclei might affect

heart rate.

The brain contains the pneumotaxic and apneustic areas


Two portions of the brain are involved in controlling respiration

pons, medulla oblongata

The nuclei of cranial nerves III and IV are located in the


The superior and inferior colliculi are located in which of the following portions of the midbrain

tectum (roof)

The inferior colliculi

are involved with auditory pathways in the CNS

The superior colliculi receive input from the

eyes, skin, cerebrum and inferior colliculi.

When you walk up behind someone and tap their right shoulder, they will reflexly

turn their head toward the right.

A bird hits the windshield of your car and you reflexly duck and close your eyes. Which of the following is
responsible for this action?

superior colliculus

The substantia nigra interconnects with the

basal nuclei

A lesion in the cerebral peduncles might affect


The sleep/wake cycle is influenced by the

reticular formation

The reticular formation

maintains alertness and attention.

The following activities would stimulate the reticular formation?

a clock radio coming on in the morning

During an autopsy the brainstem was separated from the rest of the brain by a cut between the

midbrain and diencephalon.

The cerebellum communicates with other parts of the CNS by means of nerve tracts called the

cerebellar peduncles.

The white matter of the cerebellum forms a branching network known as the

arbor vitae.

The portion of the cerebellum that is involved in balance and eye movements is the

flocculonodular lobe

Smooth, flowing movements are the result of fine motor coordination in the

lateral cerebellar hemispheres

The following are a function of the cerebellum

help in the maintenance of muscle tone
control skeletal muscles to maintain balance
control of posture, locomotion, and fine motor coordination

A person with a lesion in the brain exhibited the following manifestations: normal tension in skeletal
muscle, disturbed fine motor control, exhibited tremors when reaching for objects. What part of the brain is
most likely damaged?

the cerebellum

The stalk that connects the hypothalamus to the hypophysis (or pituitary gland) is the


The intermediate mass connects the two portions of the


The habenular nuclei and pineal body are both found in the


The following are true

The thalamus controls many endocrine functions.

Most sensory input that ascends through the spinal cord and brainstem projects to the


The mammillary bodies

are involved in emotional responses to odors.

Injury to the thalamus would

probably overload the cerebrum with sensory information

An individual who has an eating disorder along with intense thirst and wildly varying body temperatures
may have a dysfunction of thee


The following brain areas serves as the major control center of the autonomic nervous system and endocrine systems


The "thermostat" or nucleus that monitors blood temperature is located in th


A 13-year-old child exhibited retarded growth, reduced metabolism, lack of normal reproductive gland
development, inability to regulate water intake or water elimination from the body, and an uncontrolled
appetite. What part of the child's brain is most likely involved')

reticular formation

Arrange the following in order from the diencephalon downward.

1) midbrain
2) pons
3) medulla
4) spinal cord

The following feelings is not related to hypothalamic function?

pleasant memories

The following is a function of the hypothalamus?

involved in psychosomatic illnesses

The pineal body

appears to playa role in controlling the onset of puberty

The cerebral gyri increase

the surface area of the cortex.

The central sulcus separates the

frontal and parietal lobes

The lateral fissure separates the __ from the rest of the cerebrum

temporal lobe

The following are a lobe of the cerebrum


The gray matter on the outer surface of the cerebrum is called the


During brain surgery, the superior portion of the postcentral gyrus of a patient is stimulated. The patient is most likely to

feel pressure on his toes.

If an animal has had its cerebrum removed, it cannot


Associati on fibers connect

areas of the cerebral cortex wi thin the same hemisphere.

Tracts of white matter that connect the right and left hemispheres are composed of

commissural fibers.

What is the large C-shaped mass of white matter that consists of nerve fibers that connect the two cerebral hemispheres

corpus callosum

The cerebral medulla

consists of many nerve tracts of white matter beneath the cerebral cortex.

The primary somatic sensory or general sensory area is located in

the postcentral gyrus.

Lesions of the basal nuclei could cause

a slight shaking of the hands or head.

The limbic system

is associated with basic survival instincts of food acquisition and reproduction.

The most superficial meningeal layer is

the dura mater.

Cerebrospinal fluid fills the

subarachnoid space

Cerebrospinal fluid is produced by the __ and is reabsorbed by the __ .

choroid plexus, arachnoid granulation

If cerebrospinal fluid does not drain properly,

the excess fluid exerts pressure on the brain.

Water-soluble molecules such as glucose and amino acids move across the blood-brain barrier by

mediated transport

crying because you broke a present


chewing the Christmas turkey


smelling cookies baking in the oven


seeing snowflakes


smiling for Christmas picture


bowing your head


Listening to Christmas carol


singing Christmas carols


raising the eyelids in surprise


having a toothache from eating too many cherry chocolates


focusing the lens of your eye so you can read this test


tasting a piece of Christmas pie -


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