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Executive Support systems are information systems that support:

Long range planning activities of senior mgmt

What support making decisions that are unique, rapidly changing, and not easily specified in advance?

Decision-support systems

Employees that assist with paperwork at all level of the firm are called

data workers

Policies that determine which information technology will be used, when and how are provided by:

IT standard services

The three principal levels of hierarchies withiin a business orgainzation are

senior mgmt, middle mgmt, and operational mgmt

Decision-support systems are also referred to as:

Business Intelligence systems

Development and support services for a firms' business systems are provided by:

Application software services

A sales and marketing information system aids middle management in:

analyzing sales performance

The principle liaison between the information systems groups and the rest of the organization is a(n)

systems analyst

Compensation analysis is an example of ___ information systems.

Human Resources

Equipment scheduling and facilities maintenance are functions of:

manufacturing and production systems

Promoting the organization's products or services is a responsibility of the ___function

Sales and Marketing

You work for a highly successful advertiser that is just about to expand nationally. Of utmost importance will be finding a way to store and disseminate their client's constantly updating branding and style go which include multiple image files and text documents, to all of their brances. What system will best serve these needs?

An extranet with KMS capabilities

A wiki is a type of:

Website designed for collaborative writing and editing.

Interaction jobs are those which:

rely primarily on the use of collaborative info systems

What is the most important benefit of an enterprise application

Enabling business functions and departments to share information

Management information systems support the:

administrative activities of middle managers

Which type of system would you use to determine the five suppliers with the worst record in delivering goods on time?


ESS are specifically designed to serve the ___ level of the organization

Senior Management

A relocation control system that reports summaries on the totally moving, house-hunting, and home financing costs for employees in all company divisions would fall into the category of:

Management information systems

Market research is an activity associated with the ___ function

Sales and Marketing

_______ systems provide information to coordinate all of the business process that deal with customers in sales, marketing, and service to optimize revenue, customer satisfaction, and customer retention.


Which of the following is a cross-functional business process?

Fulfilling a customer order

You have been hired by a non-profit agency to implement a system to handle their donations. Event fund-raisers need to be able to quickly access a donor's information and history. The marketing department needs to be able to create customized mailing lists, in order to send different messages to different types of donors. What system(s) will best meet these needs?

TPS with MIS

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