Fitzgerald Short Story Test Review

When was Fitzgerald born?
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September 24, 1896
Francis Scott Fitzgerald
For what movie did he receive his only screen credit?Three ComradesWhat was Fitzgerald's last novel?The Last TycoonWhat term did Fitzgerald coin and symbolize?Jazz AgeHow did Fitzgerald die?heart attackHow did Zelda die?in a fireWhen and where does Dexter Green meet Judy Jones for the first time?Golf courseWhy does Dexter quit his job as a caddy?disrespectWhere does Dexter attend college?Ivy League SchoolHow does Dexter make his money?Laundries that cater to the richWhere does Dexter meet Judy again?golf courseWhere are they when Judy invites him to dinner at her house?in the boatExplain Dexter and Judy's relationship.It's an on and off relationship because Judy likes to play gamesWho does Dexter become engaged to first?IreneHow long does Dexter and Judy's engagement last?1 monthWhy does Judy break off their engagement?She doesn't want to take him away from Irene.After his ordeal with Judy, what does Dexter do to find some relief?He goes into the militaryWhat does Devlin tell Dexter about Judy?She's married to a man that treats her poorly.What kind of girl is Judy Jones? Describe her in five adjectives.She is popular, rich, cunning, snobby, slutHow does the story open and end in Ice Palace?Clark asks Sally Carroll to go swimmingWhy do Sally Carroll's friends think she shouldn't marry Harry?They'd be too differentWhere does Sally Carroll take Harry when he visits her?the graveyardHow is Harry's home different than Sally Carroll's?expensive, but old and lonelyWhich group of people are described as tragic?women of the Bellamy familyWhat does Sally Carroll think of the Bellamy women, particularly Mrs. Bellamy?no personality; spiritlessWhat does Harry's mother call Sally Carroll?SallyWhat happens when Harry takes Sally Carroll to the Ice Palace?She gets lost and trappedWhat vision does she have while lost?Margery Lee telling her to come home.From where is Bernice visiting her cousin?Eau ClairWhy doesn't Marjorie like Bernice?She doesn't fit in and men don't like her.How does Bernice react when she overhears the conversation between Marjorie and her aunt?She expects an apologyWhat advice does Marjorie give Bernice?dress better and fix her conversationsWhat line does Bernice use to shock the boys?I'm going to bob my hairWhy is Marjorie upset when Bernice starts getting attention from Warren?Marjorie isn't getting anymore attentionHow does Marjorie humiliate Bernice?She says she is bluffing about bobbing her hair.How does everyone feel about Bernice's new hairdo?Everyone thinks it's uglyWhat does Bernice do to get revenge on Marjorie?She cuts Marjorie's braids off in her sleep.