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  1. Centralization
  2. Biogeochemical Cycle
  3. Nervous System
  4. Tertiary Consumers
  5. Closed Circulatory System
  1. a organ system that forms a communication and coordination network between all parts of an animal's body
  2. b circulatory system in which blood is confined to vessels and is separate from intestine fluid
  3. c presence of central nervous system distinct from peripheral nervous system
  4. d organism that eats secondary consumers
  5. e any of the various chemical circuits that involve both abiotic and biotic components of an ecosystem

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  1. organ system that transports materials such as nutrients, O2 and hormones to body cells
  2. inherited characteristic that enhances an organism's ability to survive and reproduce in an environment
  3. part of vertebrate hindbrain that functions with medulla oblongata in passing data between spinal cord and forebrain and in controlling autonomic functions
  4. vessel that carries blood away from heart to rest of body
  5. glands associated with oral cavity that secret substances to lubricate food and begin process of chemical digestion

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  1. Gastrinneuron fiber that conducts signals to another neuron or to an effector cell


  2. Integrationinterpretation of sensory signals within neutral processing centers of the central nervous system


  3. Digestiondescent with modification


  4. Cerebral Hemispherescontains integrating centers for higher brain functions such as reasoning and speech


  5. Large Intestinecolon, tubular portion or vertebrate alimentary tract between small intestine and anus, water absorption and formation of waste


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