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  1. Oral Cavity
  2. Somatic Nervous System
  3. Medulla Oblongata
  4. Conservation Biology
  5. Systemic Circuit
  1. a mouth of an animal
  2. b goal-oriented science that endeavors to sustain biological diversity
  3. c one of two main blood circuits in vertebrates, conveys blood between heart and rest of body
  4. d part of vertebrate hindbrain continuous with spinal cord, passes data between spinal cord and forebrain and controls autonomic functions
  5. e component of vertebrate peripheral nervous system that carries signals to and from skeletal muscles

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  1. concentration of nervous system at anterior (head) end
  2. all the alleles for all the genes of a population
  3. change in a population's gene pool over generations
  4. pinched-off cytoplasmic fragment of a bone marrow cell, circulates blood
  5. chronicle of evolution over millions of years engraved in strata

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  1. Cerebellumpart of vertebrate hindbrain, planning center that interacts closely with cerebrum and in coordinating body movement


  2. Central Canalpresence of central nervous system distinct from peripheral nervous system


  3. Schizophreniadevelops into medulla oblongata, pons and cerebellum


  4. Tertiary Consumersorganism that eats secondary consumers


  5. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)functional unit of several integrating and relay centers located in human forebrain, interacts with cerebral cortex in creating emotion and storing memory