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  1. Oral Cavity
  2. Cephalization
  3. Biodiversity Crisis
  4. Aorta
  5. Intestine
  1. a mouth of an animal
  2. b concentration of nervous system at anterior (head) end
  3. c region of digestive tract located between gizzard and anus where chemical digestion and nutrient absorption occur
  4. d artery that conveys blood directly from left ventricle to other arteries
  5. e current rapid decline in the variety of life on earth

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  1. mixture of partially digested food and digestive juices formed in stomach
  2. charge difference between a cell's cytoplasm to the differential distribution of ions
  3. animal that eats plants and meat
  4. condition in which an abnormally low amount of hemoglobin or low number of red blood cells results in body cells receiving not enough oxygen
  5. any of the various chemical circuits that involve both abiotic and biotic components of an ecosystem

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  1. Metabolic Ratetotal amount of energy an animal uses in a unit of time


  2. Amygdalaintegrative center of the cerebrum, part of limbic system that labels info to be remembered


  3. Conservation Biologyuse of ecological principles to develop ways to return degraded ecosystems to conditions similar as their original state


  4. Systemic Circuitone of two main blood circuits in vertebrates, conveys blood between heart and rest of body


  5. Effector Cellsleukocyte, blood cell that functions in defending body against infections or cancer