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  1. Platelets
  2. Artificial Selection
  3. Pharynx
  4. Sexual Selection
  5. Coevolution
  1. a selective breeding of domesticated plants and animals to promote occurrence of desirable traits
  2. b pinched-off cytoplasmic fragment of a bone marrow cell, circulates blood
  3. c evolutionary change in which adaptations in one species act as a selective force on a second species, mutual influence on evolution of two different interacting species
  4. d organ in a digestive tract that receives food from oral cavity
  5. e form of natural selection in which individuals with certain inherited characteristics are more likely than other individuals to obtain mates

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  1. mouth of an animal
  2. region of specialized heart muscle tissue between left and right atria where electrical impulses are delayed for about 0.1 second before spreading to both ventricles and causing them to cotnract
  3. variety of living things on earth
  4. concentration of nervous system at anterior (head) end
  5. type of cancer of the blood-forming tissues, characterized by an excessive production of white blood cells

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  1. Quaternary Consumersorganism that eats primary consumers


  2. Memorymuscular pump that propels blood through vessels to body


  3. Forebraindevelops into thalamus, hypothalamus and cerebrum


  4. Homologous Structuresstructures in different species that are similar because of common ancestry


  5. Gangliacluster of nerve cell bodies in a central nervous system