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  1. Quaternary Consumers
  2. Small Intestine
  3. Gene Pool
  4. Herbivore
  5. Extinction
  1. a longest section of alimentary canal
  2. b animal that eats only plant or algae
  3. c organisms that eats tertiary consumers
  4. d all the alleles for all the genes of a population
  5. e irrevocable loss of a species

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  1. hissing sound that most often results from blood squirting backwards through leaky valve in heart
  2. ability to hold, associate and recall info over one's life
  3. narrow cavity in center of spinal cord that is continuous with fluid-filled ventricles from brain
  4. type of ecological succession that occurs where a disturbance has destroyed an existing biological community but left the soil intact
  5. species that is not usually abundant in a community yet exerts strong control on community structure by the nature of its ecological role or niche

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  1. Enteric Divisionpart of autonomic nervous system consisting of complex networks of neurons in the digestive tract, pancreas and gallbladder


  2. Decompositionbreakdown of organic materials into inorganic ones


  3. Salivary Glandsglands associated with oral cavity that secret substances to lubricate food and begin process of chemical digestion


  4. Restoration Ecologygoal-oriented science that endeavors to sustain biological diversity


  5. Peripheral Nervous Systemnetwork of nerves and ganglia carrying signals into and out of central nervous system