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  1. Food Web
  2. Producers
  3. Chemical Cycling
  4. Herbivore
  5. Vestigal Organs
  1. a network of interconnecting food chains
  2. b organism that makes organic food molecules from CO2, H2O and other inorganic raw materials
  3. c use and reuse of chemical elements such as carbon within an ecosystem
  4. d animal that eats only plant or algae
  5. e structure of marginal importance to an organism

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  1. cell capable of carrying out some action in response to a command from the nervous system
  2. set of neurons in autonomic nervous system that generally promotes body activities that gain and conserve energy, such as digestion
  3. frequency of heart contraction
  4. vessel that carries blood away from heart to rest of body
  5. species that is not usually abundant in a community yet exerts strong control on community structure by the nature of its ecological role or niche

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  1. Cerebellumterminal portion of large intestine where waste is stored until eliminated


  2. Red Blood Cellserthrocyte, blood cell containing hemoglobin which transports O2


  3. Adaptionsdigestive hormone that stimulates secretion of gastric juice


  4. Sexual Dimorphismmarked differences between secondary sex characteristics of males and females 8


  5. Stabilizing Selectionnatural selection in which individuals on both extremes of a phenotypic range are favored over intermediate phenotypes