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  1. Neutral Variation
  2. Endemic Species
  3. Meninges
  4. Chemical Cycling
  5. Landscape Ecology
  1. a genetic variation that does not appear to provide a selective advantage or disadvantage
  2. b species whose distribution is limited to a specific geographic area
  3. c application of ecological principles to the study of structure and dynamics of of a collection of ecosystems
  4. d use and reuse of chemical elements such as carbon within an ecosystem
  5. e layers of connective tissue that enwrap and protect brain and spinal cord

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  1. in vertebrate peripheral nervous system, nerve that carries signals to or from spinal cord
  2. mechanical and chemical breakdown of food into small molecules for body to absorb, second stage of food processing
  3. change in a population's gene pool over generations
  4. assemblage of all organisms living together and potentially interacting in an area
  5. organisms that eats tertiary consumers

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  1. Memorymuscular pump that propels blood through vessels to body


  2. Plasmaliquid matrix of blood in which blood cells are suspended


  3. Cerebrumlargest, most sophisticated and most dominant part of vertebrate forebrain, made up of left and right cerebral hemispheres


  4. Salivary Glandsnetwork of capillaries that infiltrate every organ and tissue in body


  5. Gallbladderorgan that stores bile and releases it into the small intestine