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  1. Myelin Sheath
  2. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  3. Brain
  4. Secondary Succession
  5. Malnourishment
  1. a part of central nervous system involved in regulating and controlling bodily activity and interpreting info from senses transmitted through nervous system
  2. b series of cells, each wound around and thus insulating, the axon and nerve cell in vertebrates
  3. c long term absence from a diet or essential nutrients
  4. d type of ecological succession that occurs where a disturbance has destroyed an existing biological community but left the soil intact
  5. e number of kilocalories a resting animal requires to fuel its essential body processes

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  1. series of small clumps that connects isolated habitats
  2. conduction of signals from a processing center in a central nervous system to effector cells
  3. death of nervous tissue in the brain, usually resulting from rupture or blockage of arteries in the head
  4. contribution an individual makes to the gene pool of the next generation relative to the contribution of other individuals of about equal size
  5. nerve cell functional unit of nervous system, carrying signals

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  1. Cerebellumanimal that eats only plant or algae


  2. Sphincterringlike valve, consisting of modified muscles that regulates passage between some compartments of alimentary canal


  3. Metabolic Ratetotal amount of energy an animal uses in a unit of time


  4. Veinvessel that returns blood to the heart


  5. Decomposersbreakdown of organic materials into inorganic ones