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  1. Pulse
  2. Secondary Succession
  3. Villi
  4. Balancing Selection
  5. Energy Flow
  1. a rhythmic stretching of arteries caused by pressure of blood during contraction of ventricles
  2. b natural selection that maintains stable frequencies or two or more phenotypic forms in a population
  3. c passage of energy through components of an ecosystem
  4. d type of ecological succession that occurs where a disturbance has destroyed an existing biological community but left the soil intact
  5. e fingerlike projection of inner surface of small intestine

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  1. alternating contractions and relaxations of the heart
  2. organism that consumes organic organic waste and dead organisms
  3. variety of living things on earth
  4. blind outpocket at beginning of of large intestine
  5. component of vertebrate peripheral nervous system that carries signals to and from skeletal muscles

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  1. Neutral Variationgenetic variation that does not appear to provide a selective advantage or disadvantage


  2. Pulmonary Veinsblood vessel that conveys blood from a lung to the heart


  3. Synapsedeath of nervous tissue in the brain, usually resulting from rupture or blockage of arteries in the head


  4. Brainpart of central nervous system involved in regulating and controlling bodily activity and interpreting info from senses transmitted through nervous system


  5. Evolutiondescent with modification