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Explorers of the New World

Marco Polo
world traveler who recorded his trips in a book(Travels) and published it by one of the first printing presses; it describes his travels in Asia
Mansa Musa
powerful African king who converts to Muslim faith and builds the city of Timbuktu as the center of Islamic faith in Africa
law stating that Spanish Conquistadores could enslave Native American people and could force them to pay tribute or taxes to the Spanish.
a time of artistic and intellectual activity and a renewed interest in classical and Greco/Roman learning
Great Awakening
powerful religious revival that caused the building of many different types of churches(Baptist, Episcopal) and a renewed deep faith in God and religion
religious center and church founded by fathers of the Catholic Church to convert Native Americans to the Catholic Church
towns that grow up around the missions
military fort protectiong mission and pueblo for the Spanish government
why did the English come to the new world?
The English came to the New World (1.)in search of riches, nut they did not any. Instead they found resources that could make them money-rice, tobacco, cotton. (2.) They also came to escape from political an personal religious persecution- Puritans, Pilgrims.(3.)Some also came over in search of exciting travel, slory, and in hopes of rinding a new life. (4.) Others came to get out of debtors prison- Middle Colonies.
John Smith
leader of Jamestown settlement; saved by Pocahontas
John Rolfe
savior of Virginia with the introduction of tobacco, wwhich becomes the cash crop; marries Pocahontas
Indian princess who saves John Smith; she marries John Rolfe; becomes a Christian and dies while touring EEurope as she is returning to her homeland
those who break away from the Church of England to from their own religions; an example is the Pilgrims who are given the permission to settle in Virginia, but instead are blown in a storm to Mass.
those wanting to reform the Church of England; an example is the Puritans
those believing in the Inner Light of All people
those who do not believe in War