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AP US History Ideas

Republican Motherhood
The idea that American women had a special responsibility to cultivate "civic virtue" in their children
Manifest Destiny
the belief that the U.S. should extend all the way to the pacific ocean, as ordained by God; prominent in the 1840's
"54-40 or Fight"
slogan of those wanting to take all of Oregon; line of latitude where people wanted Oregon border; did not want compromise of 49th parallel, as was done by President Polk
Scientific Management
Frederick Taylor's application of scientific principles in order to increase efficiency of labor
Pro-federal rights, pro-British, central government and banking
Pro-states rights, pro-French, yeoman farming
Another name for a federalist
Another name for a democratic-republican
Aggressively patriotic Americans, supported manifest destiny and Mexican-American War
Yellow Press
Newspapers that used sensational headlines and exaggerated stories in order to promote readership
An attitude towards blacks, prevalent during Slavery, that treated slaves as foolish children and their owners as father figures
Sambo Effect
An extreme sterotype of slaves, acted out the role that the white world expected of them— ignorant and childish
Plantation System
A system of agricultural production based on large-scale land ownership and the exploitation of labor and the environment. This system focused on the production of cash crops and utilized slave labor
Plantation Myth
iconic, nostalgic image of life in the Old South in which the plantation represents a refuge from the forces of urbanism, industrialism, and social reform; slave-master relationship is paternalistic and benevolent
a narrow-minded concern for, or devotion to, the interests of one section of a country
Compact Theory
Total War