Leisure Sports Unit 2 Review Questions


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In what year did the National Football League play its first championship game?
What sport has traditionally been the most popular team sport for women?
Branch Rickey
What person do we give credit to for starting farm systems?
Hank Greenberg
Who was the outfielder for the Detroit Tigers that broke barriers by being Jewish?
What city was the center of modern physical education?
Babe Didrikson
What was the name of the woman who was considered the "Best Woman Athlete" of her time?
Chicago Bears and St. Louis Cardinals
What were the two original NDL teams? (One has moved a lot)
Ted Williams
Who is the MLB legend that is the last player to hit over .400 in a single season?
Joe DiMaggio
Who got a hit in 56 consecutive games?
How many players were allegedly involved in the Black Sox scandal?
What university was first to build a modern football stadium?
Connie Mack
Who was the legendary manager for the Philadelphia A's for 50 years?
What university did Naismith coach at?
Lou Gerhig
Who was the baseball legend who was nicknamed the Iron Horse?
Plessy v. Ferguson
1896 court case that legalized separation. (Separate but equal)
Carlisle University
What institution was a dominate football team? Included Jim Thorpe
Kenesaw "Mountain" Landis
As a result of the Black Sox, who became the new commissioner of baseball
Babe Ruth
Who saved baseball after the Black Sox scandal?
During the time period, what was the most prominent postseason basketball tournament?
10 feet
How far off the ground was the basketball hoop at its invention?
Stand Musial
Who was the star outfielder for the Cardinals?
conspicuous consumption
Term used to describe the social barriers in a "classless" society
Rose Bowl
Where is the oldest bowl game?
Night games and double headers
What two "inventions" were created because of the depression in baseball to help with the economic issues?