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industrialization quiz

National Road
Built to improve transportation of goods and people over land.
Cumberland MD
National Road's starting point
How far had Nat'l road reached by 1833
Columbus OH
When was Erie Canal completed?
How many locks on original canal
Which immigrant group worked on Canal
By how much did Canal lower shipping costs?
From $100 ton to $5 ton
Who developed successful steam boat
Robert Fulton
By how much did the amount of railroad track in the US increase from 1830 to 1860?
From 3,000 miles to 30,000 miles
Eli Whitney
Invented Cotton Gin and developed idea of interchangeable parts
Lowell, MA
Center of textile industry
Impact of Cotton Gin
Cleaning cotton faster and cheaper - greater demand for cotton in Northern factories - need to plant more cotton in South - need more slaves to pick
What was ideal life according to Jefferson
Own your own land
Where did the Industrial Revolution begin?
Who build first spinning mill in US
Samuel Slater
Express mail system west of Mississippi
Pony Express
Who suffered most from poor working conditions of factories?
Women and children
Mount Holyoke
First women's college in US
Sojourner Truth
Former Slave who joined women's movement
Declaration of Sentiments 1848
Women demanded: 1. job opportunities, 2. right to education, 3. right to vote, 4. right to custody of children in divorce
Why did working conditions deteriorate for mill girls in mid 1800's
Competition and an increase in immigrants willing to work for low wages