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focloir based on jobs i ngaeilge (focloir bunusach)

Post páirtaimseartha

part-time job

slí beatha


ag obair le mo ghaolta

working with my relatives

ag obair sa bhaile

working at home

tá mé ag obair i mbialann

i am working in a restuarant

ag an deireadh seachtaine

at the weekend

taréis scoile

after school

le linn na laethanta saoire

during the holidays



Is taithí maith é

its good experience

Cabhraím le mo dhaid

I help dad

ag an scípead

at the till

tosaím ar a naoi

i start at nine

tá an pá iseal go leor

the pay is low enough

faighim cúig euro san uair

I get five euro an hour

líonaim na seilfeanna

I fill the shelves

cuirim an tairgead i dtaisce

I save the money

caithim an tairgead ar eadaí

I spend the money on clothes


I spend


I fill

ceannaím eadaí leis an tairgead

I buy clothes with the money

an raibh post partaimseartha agat riamh?

did you ever have a part-time job?


i work

d'obair mé

i worked

thosaigh mé

i started

fuair mé

i got

cad a dhéanann tú?

what do you do?

conas atá an pá

how is the pay

cathain a oibrionn tú

when do you work

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