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Jaycee Travel bee theory
human to human relationship/ help patient find meaning in suffering/ maintaining hope
Jaycee Travel Bee Publications
- (IAN) Interpersonal Aspects of nursing
- Intervention in psychiatric nursing process in the one to one relationship
Jaycee view on Nursing
- Interpersonal processes. Prevent or cope with experience of illness and suffering
- Help patient find meaning
Jaycee Travelbee's Interactional phases
1. Original encounter
2.Emerging Identities
Jaycee Travelbee's view on Person
Defined as human being as unique/irreplaceable/ evolving/ changing
Jaycee Travelbee's view on health
Individually defined state of well being
Jaycee Travelbee's view on health is split into what categories and what does each mean?
subjective - state of well being
objective - statistical data, Measured lab tests, doctor's notes
Virginia Henderson's Theory
-Assist well and sick contributing to patient's recovery
-Patient's ability for necessary strength, will, or knowledge
-fasten progress in hospital
Virginia Henderson's view on Person
Individual requiring assistance achieving health/ independence / peaceful death
Virginia Henderson's view on Environment
External conditions that affect life and development
Virginia Henderson's view on health
able to function independently
Virginia Henderson's view on nursing
assists/ supports individual gain to independence
What are Virginia Henderson's first 9 human need components classified as?
What are Virginia Henderson's 10th and 14th need components classified as?
What are Virginia Henderson's 11th need component classified as?
spiritual and moral
What are Virginia Henderson's 12th and 13th need components classified as?
sociologically oriented occupation/ recreation
Virginia Henderson's physiological human needs?
(B)reath normally
(E)at and drink
(B)ody wastes
(M)aintain posture
(S)uitable clothes
(M)aintain body temperature adjustment of clothes + environment
(C)lean body
Virginia Henderson's 10th and 14th psychological need components?
(A)void dangers Environment/ injuring others
(P)lay or participate recreation
What IS Virginia Henderson's 11th need component?
(w)orship according to ones faith
What is Virginia Henderson's 12th and 13th need components?
-(S)ense of accomplishment
-(C)ommunicate with others expressing emotions/needs/ fears/ opinions
Virginia Henderson's publications
- (B)ertha's Homer's textbook of the principles and practice of nursing
- (B)asic principles of nursing
Faye Abdellah's theory
21 nursing problems
what was Faye Abdellah's theory based off of?
Henderson's 14 basic needs and nursing research
Abdellah's problems are formulated in terms of?
Nurse centered services
Nursing according to abdullah?
-Helping profession
-something to or for the person
-providing information
according to abdullah, nursing service is based on...
art and science
Basic to all patients according to abdullah?
-good hygiene and physical comfort
-Promote optimal activity
-Promote safety, prevention of accidents and spread of infection
-correct deformity and maintain good body mechanics
Sustenal care needs according to abdullah?
-maintenance/supply oxygen to all body cells
-maintenance of nutrition of all body cells
-maintenance of wastes
-maintenance of fluid and electrolyts
-recognize physiological responses of the body to disease conditions
-maintenance of mechanisms and functions
-maintenance of sensory function
3 needs to a patient according to Abdella?
Sustenal care needs
remedial care needs
Restorative care needs
health according to abdella?
mutually exclusive of illness
no unmet needs
environment according to abdella?
where patient is from
interaction of the nurse
people according to abdella?
having physical, emotional, sociological needs
why does nursing exist according to abdella?
the patient
Dorothea E Orem's theory?
theory of self care/ self-care deficit
3 self-care requisites according to Dorothea?
health deviation
3 nursing systems according to Dorothea?
wholly compensatory
partially compensatory
supportive educative
Universal self care requisites
basic needs of daily living
Developmental self-care requisites
developmental processes and conditions
Health deviation self-care requisites
ill and injured or have a pathological condition and are receiving medical care
wholly compensatory
-clients who are unable to engage in any form of action
-unable to attend to themselves
-cannot perform actions
partly compensatory
unable to perform self care activities
-impaired readiness
supportive educative
-who are able or can learn therapeutic self care yet require decision making
-assisting the client through guidance, support, teaching, or environmental change
Orem's model is widely used in...
nursing education and practice
Environment according to Dorothea E. Orem
External influences that affect internal
nursing according to dorothea?
Helping/ assisting self care activities to achieve independence