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Body Systems Functions

INTRODUCTION to body systems from chapter 1. Only only major functions and diagram.

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Includes skin, hair, and nails. Protects the internal body from external environment.
Muscular system
Movement of and through the body.
Skeletal System
Support and protection.
Nervous System
Fast acting control system; provides communication throughout the body.
Endocrine System
Slower acting control system. Glands secrete hormones to help maintain homeostasis.
Cardiovascular/circulatory system
transports blood, which carries oxygen, nutrients, and others substances through the body.
Lymphatic system
Collects excess body fluid and returns it to the circulatory system after filtering and cleaning it.
Respiratory system
Brings oxygen into the body. Gets rid of carbon dioxide.
Digestive system
Breaks down food into smaller molecules. Absorbs these nutrients into the body.
Urinary system
Cleanses the blood and maintains water balance, producing urine from the waste.
Reproductive system
Contains the organs needed to create children.