26 terms

modismos 2

tener ganas de
to have the desire to
tener que ver con
to have to do with
tener líos
to have difficulties
tener la culpa
to be at fault
tener suerte
to be lucky
dar a
to face
darse prisa
to hurry up
dar la hora
to strike the hour
dar la mano a alguien
to shake hands with someone
darse la mano
to shake hand with each other
dar por + past participle
to consider
darse cuenta de
to notice
dar una vuelta
to go for a short walk, stroll, to take a turn about
hacer caso de
to pay attention toq
to become
hacerse daño
to hurt oneself; do damage
ponerse de pie
to stand up
ponerse de acuerdo
to come to agreement
ponerse a + infinitive
to start to
echar a perder
to waste
estar despejado
to be clear
estar de vuelta
to be back
estar para + infinitive
to be about to...
valer la pena
to be worthwhile
pedir prestado
to borrow
llevar a cabo
to carry out