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WHAP Chronology

the test we have on chronology in Mrs. Parents

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2500 BCE
Pyramids built in Egypt
1750 BCE
Hammurabi's Code written
1500's BCE
Aryans dominate Northern India, Rig Veda, Shang Dynasty
323 BCE
Alexander the Great dies
231 BCE
Ashoka dies: emperor of India who converts to Buddhism but does not push it on people
206 BCE
Death of Qin Shihuangdi: instituted legalism and hated books and scholars
44 BCE
Julius Caesar dies
451 CE
Attilla the Hun, Huns raid invade multiple times
476 CE
fall of the Roman Empire; series of bad emperors and barbarian invasions are some reasons for the fall
622 CE
Muhammad flees from Mecca to Medina
800 CE
Charlemagne is crowned Holy roman emperor
1204 CE
Ghengis Khan comes to power and unites the mongols
1215 CE
Magna Carta signed; gives power to the people instead of the king
1281 CE
Kamikaze saves Japan from Mongol invasion
1292 CE
The Crusades End; people attempt to get to china after this
1347 CE
the Bubonic (Black) plague hits Europe and takes out 1/3 of the population
1453 CE
Constantinople falls to the Ottoman Turks
1502 CE
Michelangelo finishes painting the ceiling of Sistine Chapel
1517 CE
The year that Martin Luther nails his 95 theses to the Protestant Church door; indulgences
1644 CE
Ming Dynasty in China comes to an end
1789 CE
French Revolution begins
1815 CE
Napoleon falls at the battle of Waterloo
1821 CE
Mexico gains independence
1842 CE
Opium Wars end in China because Europeans come in
1848 CE
Revolutions in Europe
1884 CE
Berlin conference saying how to split up Africa
1914 CE
Beginning of World War One
1917 CE
Russian Revolution begins
1930's CE
The Great depression
1939 CE
Start of World War two
1947 CE
India is partitioned into Indian Pakistan
1949 CE
China becomes communist
1950 CE
North Korea attacks south Korea
1961 CE
Berlin Wall
1963 CE
African countries begin to gain independence (Kenya)
1968 CE
TET offensive
1979 CE
Russia Attacks Afghanistan
1991 CE
Cold war is over (end of communism)
1993 CE
The European Union is created
1983 CE
Internet is introduced
1492 CE
Columbus discovers America
1954 CE
North and South Vietnam created