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World Regional Geography Test 3

Southeast Asian physiography is dominated by

high relief

not true of the major river valleys of mainland Southeast Asia

they are sparsely populated

more than half of Southeast Asia's population lives in which two countries

Indonesia and the Philippines

agriculture in Southeast Asia is limited by...

generally infertile tropical soils

this country-river association is incorrect


remained, for the most part, an independent state throughout the colonial era


this country-colony association is incorrect


once part of British India

Myanmar (Burma)

broke away from Malaysia and became a separate political entity in Southeast Asia in 1965


the ethnic group forming a significant part of the commercial class in Southeast Asia


the first stage in boundary evolution is...


a relict boundary

between North and South Vietnam

a boundary developing contemporaneously with a cultural landscape, and adjusting to linguistic, religious, and ethnic breaks


country in Southeast Asia is Catholic today, a result of its colonial legacy

the Philippines

an elongated country


a country with a major proruption


former Portuguese colony, that is the newest state in Southeast Asia

East Timor

the largest Muslim country in terms of population


most people in Myanmar, Thailand, and Cambodia follow


Annam is a part of


the Southeast Asian nation that is still ruled by a communist regime


Angkor Wat is in what country


the Khmer Rouge killed as many as 2 million people in an attempt to change the society of...


this association is correct

Myanmar and Yangon

the small, oil-rich Islamic sultanate of Insular Southeast Asia


not true of Singapore

it wishes to join Indonesia


a chain of islands

the majority of Indonesia's population is located on the island of...


the two main islands of the Philippines

Mindanao and Luzon

true of coffee production in Vietnam

Vietnam is second in the world production of bulk coffee
Coffee is grown on plantations in Vietnam
Coffee production is contributing to deforestation

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