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Moses "Fleetwood" Walker
Catcher -first African American to appear in major league box score
-College playing days: Oberlin College: Ohio, U. of Michigan (catcher), Minor League Team: 1883-Toledo
-Majors: 1884: Toldeo
They played for the Toldeo Teams of the American Association one year only (batted 5th)
-Toldeo dropped out of the League in 1888, Walkers returned to Minor League Baseball
-The Walker brothers had to quit the team-result mob violence in Richmond, Louisville (Spectators hissed him)
Gentleman's Agreement (baseball/football)
Limit each team in the league to no more than two black players and to sign no new black players in the future.
Barnstorming Baseball
Teams in baseball's Negro Leagues often barnstormed before, during, and after their league's "regular season."
Rube Foster
-Founder of the Negro National League
List at lest three former negro league baseball teams
1. The Cuban Giants
2. The Cuban X Giants of NY
3. The Red Stockings of Norfolk
4. The Columbia Giants of Chicago
East-West All-Star Game
Negro competition: the game was played between players who received most votes in polls.
-conducted by Chicago D
efender and Pittsburgh Courier.
-The West won 11-7
-Gus Greenlee was responsible for organizing the game.
John Gibson
Home Run King (Crawfords and Grays from 1927-1946, hit 75 home runs in 1931.
-1944 East-West All-Star Game
Cool Papa Bell
27 years in the league (.480 over a 200 game year - 175 stolen bases in 1933.)
Satchel Page
-Pitched in more than 2,500 games
-Won about 2,000
-Best Strikeout Mark - 22
-Pitched 153 games in a single year
-Oldest Rookie in Major League History: Cleaveland, 1948-1950
Zulu Cannibal Giants
African American baseball team founded in 1934 in Louisville, KY
Ethiopian Clowns
African American baseball team formed in Miami in 1927 after the stock market crash
Jackie Robinson
-Yearly salary $5,000
-Monarchs and reintegrated baseball 1947
-Autobiography "I Never Had It Made"
-Pasedna JC to UCLA first four letter man (basketball, baseball, football, track/field)
-Left UCLA worked construction near Pearl Harbor played football on Sundays with the pro team the Bears
-Went back to Cali after football season
-Left Honolulu 2 days before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor
-1942 army - Kansas for basic training, applied for OCS but ran into Jim Crow Laws, not admitted to OCS
-Joe Louis came to the rescue, Jackie became Second Lieutenant in January
-Signed a contract with Montreal Royals $3,500 bonus and $600 a month salary
-In 1949 Jackie was named MVP - 1950 contract for $35,000
-1950: The Jackie Robinson Story was filmed
Monte Irvin
-Promoted by the Negro League owners as the man best suited to break color line in major league baseball.
-In HS earned 16 varsity letters
-2 years of college, football scholarship Lincoln University
-Baseball for Newark Eagles
-1941 selected to play in the EWAG - he played third base and center field
-Enlisted in service for 3 years
-Played in 1946 Negro League World Series when Jackie Robinson was playing in Montreal
-NY Giants paid for his contract to play for Giant's Jersey City Team
-First all black outfield to play in the World Series (.400 in the series.)
-Played in two World Series with the Giants: 1973 Hall of Fame
-Special Assistant to the Commissioner of Baseball
Morrill Land Grant Act
-Justin Smith Congress man from Vermont
-Each state given huge tracts of Public land as an endowment
-Agricultural colleges & departments established
-Annual appropriations to colleges (money to support class.)
Second Morrill Act
-HBCU's established
Historically Black Colleges and Universities: were established to serve the educational needs of black Americans.
List at least three HBCU institutions
1881 Tuskegee University
1882 Virginia State University
1886 University of Maryland
Eastern Shore
1887 Central State University (OH)
1887 Florida A&M University
Eddie Robinson
-Served 56 years as the head football coach at Grambling State University
-Retired in 1997: 408-165-15
-Won 8 titles
Clarence Gaines
"Big House" 838 victories: 47 seasons
-Winston-Salem Basketball: First HBCU to win NCAA basketball championship
-Earl Monroe averaged 41.5 points per game
-Cleo Miller (1961): 1st draft for the Saint Louis Hawks
Jerry Rice
At Mississippi Valley State, Jerry Rice played under the direction of Archie "The Gunslinger" Cooley. His pass-happy style of offense led by Willie "Satellite" Toten attracted national attention for the small historically Black college. Rice wasn't heavily recruited out of high school and once again the nurturing and developing talents of Black kids would fall on the shoulder of Black coaches.
-13 times Pro Bowl
-10 times 1st team all pro 2010 Hall of Fame
Steve McNair
McNair was Alcorn State's gift to the National Football League. Steve was a starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans. The only player in NCAA history to gain more than 16,000 yards. Also the only Black player/ school to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated during his playing days.
Art Shell
Art Shell was a Maryland State Pro Football Hall of Famer and the first Black head coach in the National Football League. Shell was also offensive tackle for the Oakland Raiders from 1968-1982. He played in eight Pro Bowl games and was a two year letterman weighing in at 265 pounds and standing 6'5" as a true center in college.
-Played 207 games
-8 Pro Bowls
-All AFC - 6 times
-Offensive tackle
Predominantly White institutions of Higher Education (PW-IHE)
Denied Black students admission and excluded them from their sport teams.
List at least three HBCU Athletic Conferences
Flying Wedge
Ten men, running full tilt in a "V" formation from a position some yards behind the
ball, massed upon one Yale player. Thus, the flying wedge was born. and an
already violent game brought forth the most revolutionary football play ever
developed. It was a vivid example of the brutality which then ruled the sport. Banned 2 seasons later.
Walter Camp
-Advisor Football Coach, Yale
-Father of American football
-Developed Line of Scrimmage
-11 players per team
-110 Yard Field
-Developed concept of Downs
-Position of QB and Center
William Henry Lewis
First Black All-American of Amherst College
-Berekely, VA 5'7 180 pounds
-Began career at the center position, team captain 2 years
-Yale All-American gaurd William "Pudge Heffelfinger" received $500 "performance bonus" from Allegheny Athletic Association to join their team for game with Pittsburgh Athletic Club (AAA won 4-0)
Paul Robeson
-Rutgers University: game against W&L did not play bc of racism
-Played professional football to pay law school tuition: Columbia University
-1949: L.A. Rams signed the first black from HBCU - Paul "Tank" Younger of Grambling. He was a 2 time All-American.
Dr. Charels West
-Football running back
-First black QB Rose Bowl
-National Pentathlon Champ
-Visit to WVU 1921
-Medical Degree: Howard University - Football Coach
Ernie Davis
#44: Syracuse University 1961 (First African American to be awarded the Heisman Trophy)
Archie Griffin
-Ohio State running back
-Ran 100 yards or more in 31 straight games
Heisman Trophy
-Selected by Downtown Athletic Club since 1953
-John W. Heisman, 1917 Georgia Tech National Champion Coach was founder.
-Ernie Davis first black athlete winner
-Between 1971-1994 Ten or 67% were black and all were running backs
Charles W. Follis
-Cloverdale, VA: played for Shelby Athletic Association and moved to Wooster, Ohio (Wooster Athletic Association)
-Charles' teammated was Branch Rickey, later President of Brooklyn Dodgers
-Stopped playing football in 1906 - 6 ft tall and 200 pounds
Fritz Pollard
-5'8 and 165 pounds running back
-Enrolled in Northwestern U: 1913 but left college. He just wanted to play.
Marian Motley
-Cleveland Browns signed him (1948 led in rushing: 964 yards.)
-First black player in the Hall of Fame (football)
-1946: All American Football Conference: Black football players Marion Motley, Bill Willis, Kenny Washington, and Woody Strode
-AAFC leading rushed (9 year pro)
Woody Strode
-The actor
Abner Doubleday
-Civil War hero - invented the game (myth or really???)
Bud Fowler
-From Cooperstown, NY
-Syracuse stars had two negros Bud Fowler and Higgins
-The crack colored second baseman is still in Denver, CO disengaged. The poor fellow's skin is against him. With his spledndid abilities he would long ago been on some good club had his color been white instead of black.
-Negro League Baseball in Texas
Gus Greenlee
-Responsible for organizing the East-West All Star Game in 1933.
-Built his own stadium in Pittsburgh