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Narrative Structure
How the story is told.
What happened to Senator Samuel Foley?
He died
Who was the other senator?
Senator Joseph Paine
What did the governor have to do?
Appoint a new senator
Who was Joe Paine talking to and what about?
Jim Taylor about who to appoint as the new senator
Who and why do the governor's children recommend?
Jefferson Smith cause they see him as a hero and he's the head of Boy Rangers
What was Jefferson Smith's profession?
Head of Boy Rangers
Why was Jim Taylor upset that Jefferson's was appointed?
The govener didn't appoint Mills, and didn't ask Jim Taylor.
How did Sen. Paine know Jefferson Smith originally?
Friends with his father
What was Jefferson's father's job?
Editor and publisher
What happened to Jefferson's father?
Killed by a shot in his back.
Why does another senator not want Smith to get the oath of office?
The papers made him look foolish
What does Senator Smith do to the press after he finds out they've humiliated him?
Punches every reporter in the face
Why does the press say they're the only ones who could tell the truth?
They don't have to be re-elected
What does Senator Paine suggests Senator Smith do to cheer him up after the press corps make fun of him?
Create a National Boys Camp bill
Mr. Smith gets Saunders to help. What does she do to help him?
Telling how it becomes a law and records the bill.
Where did Smith want to locate the national boys camp.
Willet Creek
What do Paine and McGann do when Smith says "Willet Creek"?
Leave the room in a big hurry
Why does Susan Paine want to take Smith out?
So her dad can propose the bill of Willet Creek without Smith there
Why does Saunders want to marry Diz and get out of town?
She can't stand Smith being with Susan
Why does Saunders finally tell Smith about the Willet Creek dam?
She was drunk and jealous and he asked
Why was Taylor upset at the governor?
Smith is questioning about The Willet Creek dam
What does Taylor offer to Smith if he keeps quiet?
Offers him any job or a senate seat for the rest of his life
What does Paine ask Taylor to do?
Not be too rough with Smith
What does Paine do on the Senate floor the next morning?
Accuses Smith of being in office for personal gain by using Willet Creek as a boy's camp. Calls for a Committee of Ethics
What happens in the committee?
Smith is set up to look like he's making a lot of money on the land; a lot of people lie for money.
What does Paine do in the committee?
Says Smith is a horrible person and sets him up
What does Smith do in the committee?
Doesn't say anything and runs out
Who comes to see Smith at the Lincoln memorial?
Miss Clarissa Saunders
How will Smith only yield the senate floor?
Question or personal note.
How does Senator Smith get the senators back?
Uses the senates rule for a filibuster
What do Saunders and Diz do?
Start writing for Smith in papers, sending it out.
What does Taylor do to stop Smith?
Gets all the newspapers in his state to put propaganda out about Smith
What is Mr. Smith reading during the filibuster?
Declaration of Independence and Constitution
What network was the reporter working for?
What does Saunders say in the note?
Jeff you're wonderful, read the Constitution slowly next and Diz says i'm in love with you. PS he's right.
What was Taylor doing to the press in his state?
Making them write lies about Smith.
How does Saunders counter Taylor?
She gets Boy Stuff to print the truth.
What happens to the kids newspaper deliveries?
They're stolen and compromised. They are beaten and bruised
How long has Senator Smith talked?
23 hours and 16 minutes.
What does Paine have brought to the Senate?
Telegrams from his state saying that they want him to yield the floor.
What happens to Smith?
He passes out, after giving a huge speech.
How is Senator Smith proven right?
Paine finally tells the truth after trying and failing to shoot himself
Information about a person, a place, or a thing. It is useful in understanding a character's personality and/or motivation.
Inciting Incident
an event that triggers a domino-life effect, setting in motion the action that will occur later in the story.
an object that stands for or represents another thing or idea.
The outcome of the events that have occurred.
What the story is about
Four ways that filmmakers create symbols
Repetition, Association, Sound Emphasis, Visual emphasis
a type of nonfiction film that records and comments on real events or real people
actuality film
a film that shows real people doing real things rather than creating a narrative
title cards
frames in a film, usually a silent film, that provides information for the audience
shots of still images, arranged in such a way as to suggest continuous motion
method of filming that creates the impression that inanimate objects are, in fact, moving
a short, nonfiction film that presented stories illustrating current events. The purpose was both to inform and to entertain movie audiences. They were the primary sources of visual news in America during the first half of the 20th century.
Act 1
The Setup
Act 2
Rising Action
Act 3