This structure helps regulate the temperature of the testes
Dartos muscle
This structure is the site of sperm production.
Seminiferous tubules
How many seminiferous tubules are found in each lobule?
These cells may eventually become spermatozoa
These cells secrete testosterone.
Leydig cells
This hormone stimulates Leydig cells to secrete testosterone
The straight tubules in the testis lead into the
Rete testis
The function of the epididymis is
Sperm maturation
This is formed by the union of the duct from the seminal vesicle and the ampulla of the
vas deferens.
Ejaculatory duct
This lies posterior to the bladder and anterior to the rectum and secretes an alkaline,
fructose filled fluid.
Seminal vesicles
These are located inferior to the prostate on either side of the membranous urethra
within the deep muscles of the perineum.
Cowper's glands
This is composed of three cylindrical masses of erectile tissue each surrounded by a
fibrous tissue.
This ligament arises from the pubic symphysis in males.
Suspensory ligament
What is produced by the ovaries?
Secondary oocytes, estrogen and progesterone
This attaches the ovaries and the uterus to the pelvic wall
Suspensory ligament
This is the site of fertilization.
uterine tubes
This is the portion of the uterus that opens into the vagina.
Anterior to the vagina and urethral openings is the
Mons pubis
Skene's glands secrete
This hormone promotes the final step of spermatogenesis.
This hormone triggers ovulation.
This is secreted by the corpus luteum after ovulation.
This is the uterine phase when the thickness of the endometrium doubles.
Proliferative phase
This is the ovarian phase between the end of menstruation and beginning of ovulation.
Preovulatory phase
The septum of the tissue is made up of a subcutaneous layer and which muscle tissue?
25-28 I
What does line "A" point to?
25-28 Spermatic cord
Which structure has a portion removed in a vasectomy?
25-28 D
What does line "G" point to?
25-28 Tunica vaginalis
What is line "C" pointing to?
29-31 Body of epididymis
Where are the straight tubules?
29-31 E
What is line "F" pointing to?
29-31 Seminiferous tubules
Which structure is part of the connection of the uterus to the pelvic cavity?
32-35 E
What is line "C" pointing to?
32-35 Ovary
This is the site for implantation of a fertilized ovum.
32-35 D
This opens from the uterus to the vagina
32-35 F
This consists of primary oocyte that is surrounded by several layers of cuboidal cells
called granulosa.
36-40 B
Where is the mature (graafian) follicle?
36-40 F
Where is the corpus albicans?
36-40 none of these choices
This will produce progesterone, estrogens, relaxin and inhibin
36-40 I
What is line "D" pointing to?
36-40 Germinal epithelium
At which location in the figure do sperm and seminal vesicle secretions first join
together in their path to the exterior?
41-45 I
Which structure in the figure secretes seminal plasmin, proteolytic enzymes like
pepsinogen and lysozyme, and citric acid?
41-45 B
Which structure in the figure secretes an alkaline fluid that protects sperm by
neutralizing acids in the urethra?
41-45 C
Which structures in the figure together secrete liquid components of semen?
41-45 B and C and L
Which structure in the figure is the corpus spongiosum penis?
41-45 F
Which structure in the figure is the head of epididymis?
46-50 A
Which structure in the figure is a serous membrane derived from the peritoneum and
forms during descent of the testes?
46-50 B
Which structure in the figure is made of dense irregular connective tissue that forms
septa dividing the testes into lobules?
46-50 C
Mature sperm arrive at the efferent ducts in the epididymis immediately from which
structure in the figure?
46-50 F
Where in the figure is the tail of epididymis?
46-50 D
Which cell in the figure contains a diploid nucleus?
51-55 A
Which list below lists cells in the figure that all contain haploid nuclei?
51-55 C and E and F
Where in the figure will you find mature sperm?
51-55 G
Which cell in the figure is actively secreting testosterone?
51-55 H
The cell labeled H in the figure secretes which of the following hormones?
51-55 testosterone
Which structure in the figure is filled with follicular fluid?
56-60 G
Which structure in the figure is the theca interna?
56-60 E
Which structure in the figure is the theca externa?
56-60 F
Which structure in the figure is the zona pellucida?
56-60 A
Which structure in the figure is the basement membrane?
56-60 H
Menarche is the
first menses
Male reproductive system arises from
Wolffian ducts
Female reproductive system arises from
Mullerian ducts
During fetal development these cells give rise to primary oocytes.
The major hormone secreted from granulosa cells is
Zygote is
a diploid fertilized ovum
This hormone inhibits the release of FSH from the pituitary gland
In male embryos, this hormone is responsible for the development of the urethra,
prostate, and external genitals.
The primary action of combined oral contraceptives is to
All of these choices are correct.
How does the reproductive system affect the skeletal system?
Estrogen causes epiphyseal plates of both to close, ending growth in height.
A Pap smear is a test performed to detect
cancer of the cervix