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  1. Convex lenses cause light rays to do what?
  2. Most inkjet printers intended for photographic printing include light and dark inks of all of the colors except for one. Which color ink is usually available only in one density?
  3. An in-camera reflected meter reading a very dark scene indicates an exposure of 1/250th at f/8. For a correct exposure, what should you do?
  4. A technique used to maintain sharp focus on a subject that is moving toward you is called what?
  5. What is interpolated resolution?
  1. a Yellow
  2. b Interpolated resolution can be generated by Photoshop or any image editing software to increase print size resolution.
  3. c Follow focus
  4. d Use negative exposure compensation (underexpose). The meter will attempt to make the dark scene 18% grey, underexpose to bring it back to dark.
  5. e bend toward each other and converge at the focal point.

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  1. Hue, Luminance, Saturation
  2. Black (0)
  3. 8 bits
  4. Two (f/8 > f/11 > f/16)
  5. 90 degrees. If using to eliminate reflections, it should be used at 35 degrees.

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  1. In a curves adjustment layer, what does the shape of the curve indicate?Yellow


  2. What is a BYTE?An 8-BIT sequence that represents 256 possibilities - black & white & 254 shades of grey. The size of a file is the number of bytes it contains.


  3. What kind of lighting pattern places the key light directly in front of and higher than the face?Butterfly lighting


  4. This type of data backup system is fault-tolerant because it creates and stores redundant dataJPEG


  5. What color is between Magenta and Cyan on the color wheel?Blue