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  1. What two camera controls adjust the amount of light that reaches the sensor?
  2. Color systems divide all colors into which three measurements?
  3. Sharpness from near to far is controlled by what?
  4. An image made of pixels is sometimes called what?
  5. Doubling the aperture setting creates how many stops difference in the amount of light reaching the sensor?
  1. a Hue, Luminance, Saturation
  2. b Aperture and shutter
  3. c A raster image
  4. d Aperture
  5. e One stop

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  1. One stop less
  2. A high contrast image
  3. Interpolated resolution can be generated by Photoshop or any image editing software to increase print size resolution.
  4. Keeps a moving subject sharp while blurring the background
  5. Shutter-Priority

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  1. To emphasize texture in a portrait, what kind of light source is recommended?Cyan


  2. All objects beyond the closest distance in focus will be sharp when this appears within the DOF scalesRGB


  3. The relative aperture is equal to the lens focal length divided by what?stopped down


  4. What would you use an ICC profile for?To set accurate color standards to any device that captures or displays color.


  5. The useable exposure range of a sensor, or the range of subject brightness is called what?dynamic range (not to be confused with gamut)