English Vocab Lesson 15

14 terms by soccergirl6

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adj. appropriate to a purpose or useful in achieving a goal. n.a means to an end


v.to help or hurry the progress of something. of business, to perform business quickly


v.to hinder; to block the way


n.a line or list or ancestors, especially of a distinguished kind. a recorded line of descent showing pure breeding of animals


n.a device that calculates distance traveled by counting the number of steps taken


n.any two places on opposite sides of the earth. something that is the exact opposite of or contrary to something else


n.the study and treatment of foot ailments


n.an elevated platform for an orchestra conductor or lecturer; a dais


n.the act or habit of launching attacks. hostile action or behavior


n.reduction of rank or status, especially of office or dignity. lowering of moral or intellectual character. disgrace; dishonor


v.to stray from the main topic in writing or speaking; to trun aside


n.a systematic progression through a series of stages


n.an incline or slope; the rate of incline


v.to go back; to return to a former or less developed condition

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