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  1. bilateral symmetry
  2. radial embryonic cell division
  3. sarcodina
  4. Gram positive
  5. characteristics of insects
  1. a deuterostome
  2. b Peptidoglycan as cell wall
  3. c three body regions, six legs
  4. d scientific name for amoeba
  5. e dorsal, ventral, anterior, posterior, cephalization

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  1. millipedes
  2. haploid tube nucleus
  3. corn fungus
  4. liver
  5. type a blood

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  1. monohybrid crossoctopus with sensitive arms, uses fingertips


  2. echinodermembryonic cell layer that aids in digestion after birth


  3. homozygoussac fungi


  4. least efficientdouble loop circulation and 4 chambered heart (birds and mammals)


  5. oocystfemale sex organ in a plant (like a uterus)


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