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  1. evidence for darwinian evolution
  2. ediacaran
  3. chitin
  4. evidence for fossils
  5. transgenic animals
  1. a show organisms that no longer live, gives us an idea of where we came from
  2. b fossils, geographic distribution, similarities in structures, similarities in development, and molecular biology
  3. c really hard cell wall made of carbohydrate. Fungi have chitin. So do lobsters.
  4. d fauna on ocean floor
  5. e cows, mice, mice again, zebra fish

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  1. this zooflagellate lives in termites and helps them digest cellulose in wood
  2. protist that uses ammonia or sulfur to make food
  3. phylum nemotoda (roundworms)
  4. an organism that has two different alleles for a trait
  5. millipedes

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  1. is ID same as creationismno, because it doesn't attempt to find CAUSE of the design of nature, just the way materials are designed points to ID and creationism is based on religion


  2. basidiathe lining of mushroom gills


  3. prokaryoteno nucleus, DNA is floating around


  4. polygenic inheritancecows, mice, mice again, zebra fish


  5. sporereproductive vessel of mushrooms that carries cells and germinates wherever it lands