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  1. they're sacrotrophs
  2. stamen
  3. how bacteria cause diseases
  4. benefits of genetic engineering
  5. smut
  1. a male sex organ of a plant (like a willy)
  2. b some destroy cells and some produce toxins
  3. c insulin, crops with herbicide, pesticide, and virus resistance, control of ripening, increased nutrition in crops, and higher milk production in cows
  4. d how fungus-like protists get food
  5. e corn fungus

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  1. physical characteristics
  2. organism that consumes living things (why strep throat hurts so much, it's eating yr throat muahahaha)
  3. wheat fungus
  4. phylum platyhelminthes (flatworms)
  5. male gametophyte in a plant

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  1. deuteromycotasac fungi


  2. evidence for evolutionanatomical homology, mutation, biogeography, fossils, embryology


  3. lichensupports anthers


  4. ciliafemale sex organ in a plant (like a uterus)


  5. bacteriathe lining of mushroom gills