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  1. sponge embryos
  2. cause of potato famine
  3. how bacteria cause diseases
  4. peptidoglycan
  5. autotroph
  1. a makes own food
  2. b water molds on potatoes got all food and water from soil so taters died
  3. c found in china, soft-bodied, fossilized long before Cambrian period.
  4. d some destroy cells and some produce toxins
  5. e protein/sugar polymer layer over cell membrane that protects cells

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  1. club fungi
  2. squids
  3. the lining of mushroom gills
  4. pairing of TWO traits in a Punnett square
  5. thick internal walls that enclose DNA and portion of cytoplasm

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  1. yesdo octopi eat each other?


  2. obligate anaerobeO2 kills it


  3. bioluminescencebiological phenomenon demonstrated by marine creatures deep in the ocean; create own light


  4. misuse of antibioticsthe scientific study of heredity


  5. evidence for mutationnatural selection