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  1. binary fission
  2. protista
  3. triploblastic
  4. pgd
  5. euglenas
  1. a eukaryotes, cellulose cell walls, unicellular, some colonial and some multicellular, auto/heterotroph
  2. b 3 layers in embryonic cell
  3. c lives in freshwater ponds and have chloroplasts
  4. d pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, aka screening
  5. e when cells replicate DNA and split in half

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  1. do octopi eat each other?
  2. chlamydonas
  3. no nucleus, DNA is floating around
  4. dorsal, ventral, anterior, posterior, cephalization
  5. group 1 of the animal kingdom

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  1. parazoanfungi exist primarily this way....


  2. crustaceancrabs, shrimps, lobsters, barnacles


  3. they're sacrotrophshow fungus-like protists get food


  4. dikaryoticwhen each mushrooom cells' have 2 nuclei from that point on


  5. mosquito asexual reproductionhappens in the gut of mosquito