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  1. recessive letters
  2. homozygous letters
  3. parazoa
  4. purebred
  5. sarcodina
  1. a AA
  2. b group 1 of the animal kingdom
  3. c aa
  4. d one that always produces offspring with the same form of a trait as the parent
  5. e scientific name for amoeba

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  1. like it hot...usually live deep in the sea
  2. cuts up DNA samples into fragments
  3. phylum nemotoda (roundworms)
  4. egg in mother, then live birth (sharks, some snakes)
  5. anaerobes, produce methane (ergo...)

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  1. diploblastic metazoansphylum porifera (sponges)


  2. virus partsgrasshoppers, butterflies, beetles, ants


  3. origin of speciesgrasshoppers, butterflies, beetles, ants


  4. 4 human blood phenotypesan organism's physical appearance, or visible traits


  5. basidiomycotause cilia to move


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