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  1. protista
  2. charge of the dna fragment
  3. sarcodina
  4. characteristics of diplopods
  5. fungi
  1. a head, one pair of legs, cylindrical, herbivore
  2. b negative
  3. c eukaryotes, cell walls are chitin, most multicellular, all heterotroph
  4. d scientific name for amoeba
  5. e eukaryotes, cellulose cell walls, unicellular, some colonial and some multicellular, auto/heterotroph

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  1. cuts up DNA samples into fragments
  2. born in egg (i.e. some fish, amphibians, reptiles, all birds)
  3. consists of several interrelated parts, if you remove even one, it destroys whole system
  4. how animal-like protists get food
  5. segmented bodies, tough exoskeleton (chitin) and jointed appendages

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  1. metazoan (or eumetazoan)true tissue


  2. ivfin vitro fertilization


  3. reason why protists are A/F/P-likesnucleus, eukaryotic


  4. origin of speciespublished in 1859


  5. IBIB IBiai by husband's sperm