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  1. plasmodial slime molds
  2. what happens when dna fragments are hooked up to a power source
  3. evidence for mutation
  4. wonderpus
  5. bacillanophyta
  1. a neg. DNA moves to positive end
  2. b dinoflagellates, also called phytoplankton
  3. c octopus with sensitive arms, uses fingertips
  4. d natural selection
  5. e myxomycota-slime mold that makes spores

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  1. where malaria parasite grows in stomach of mosquito
  2. aa
  3. live in saltwater
  4. acrasymocota. Extreme slime mold
  5. lace crab fossil that is soft-bodied

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  1. parazoansphylum porifera (sponges)


  2. embryo sacfusion of nuclei in mushroom


  3. why plant-like protists are not true plantscell wall lacks chitin, don't reproduce like plants/not all plant structures in place, and unicellular


  4. recessiveall children have trait if both parents have it, if neither parent has it and one kid has it, might skip generations


  5. deuteromycotaimperfect fungus