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  1. resilient
  2. subjugation
  3. intrepid
  4. conciliatory
  5. fortitude
  1. a able to recover or spring back quickly
  2. b the act of conquering or bringing under control, enslavement
  3. c fearless, having unwavering courage
  4. d strenght of mind that allows one to endure pain or adversity with courage
  5. e peacemaking, appeasing, intended to overcome distrust, animosity or conflict

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  1. to instruct in or impart certain principles or idealogy
  2. intended to teach, overly moralistic, preachy
  3. extremely bold, shamelessly rude or defiant
  4. to explain or make clear
  5. equivalent in significance, effect or value

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  1. sycophanta person who tries to win favor by flattering important people


  2. moressomething in which one excels, a strong point


  3. colloquialtypical of informal language usage, conversational


  4. subterfugean excessive amount, to feed or supply to excess or disgust, to overindulge


  5. meticulousrelaxed and unhurried, easygoing, to become more relaxed or pleasant


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