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  1. gauche
  2. emigrate
  3. affinity
  4. provincial
  5. rendezvous
  1. a to leave a country or region and settle in another
  2. b tactless, socially awkward
  3. c an arranged meeting, to meet at an arranged time or place
  4. d a natural attraction, liking or feeling of kinship
  5. e relating to the areas that are far from large cities or capitals, not sophisticated, fashionable, or culturally informed, limited or narrow in perspective

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  1. extreme dislike or disgust
  2. to support or sponsor, to go as a customer, to shop at regularly, to treat as inferior
  3. lack of energy, force or spirit, slow
  4. a person who founds, organizes, operates, and assumes the risk of a business
  5. unwise, doing things without careful thought or consideration

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  1. incontrivertibleto instruct in or impart certain principles or idealogy


  2. stalwartstrong and dependable, a person who is strong and dependable


  3. moreswild or untamed, savage, having returned to an untamed state from domestication


  4. drollamusingly odd


  5. bulwarka wall or embankment used as protection, a strong defense of any type