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  1. flagrant
  2. caste
  3. slovenly
  4. edify
  5. oppulence
  1. a wealth, affluence, great abundance, often to excess, lavishness
  2. b untidy in dress or appearence, marked by carelesness or negligence shoddy
  3. c noticably bad, conspicuously offensive, glaring
  4. d to instruct for intellectual, moral or spiritual improvement
  5. e a social class seperated from others by profession, wealth and hereditary rank

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  1. the condition or fact of being unequal or different, inequality disparate: containing many differences in kind or nature
  2. having to do with money
  3. to converse in a playful teasing way, an exchange of good humored playful remarks
  4. strikingly conspicuous, important, prominent significant
  5. bitter or sharp in language or tone

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  1. repugnancea subtle or slight degree of difference


  2. revertto depart or turn aside form a path direction, or course of action


  3. languidmajestic, inspiring awe or admiration


  4. frugalwild or untamed, savage, having returned to an untamed state from domestication


  5. accreditto turn away from, to ward off, to prevent