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  1. indigent
  2. malfeasence
  3. languid
  4. surfeit
  5. jut
  1. a an excessive amount, to feed or supply to excess or disgust, to overindulge
  2. b extemely poor, impoverished, lacking basic necessities
  3. c to stick or project out, to extend outward beyond the main part, something that sticks or projects out
  4. d lack of energy, force or spirit, slow
  5. e wrongdoing or misconduct, especially by a public official

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  1. ruling with unlimited power or authority
  2. a predatory attack or raid, damage, destruction, or loss
  3. the state of lacking or doing without, loss
  4. impartial, free of bias, or self-interst in an outcome
  5. playfully, joking, humorous, not to be taken seriously

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  1. sycophanta person who tries to win favor by flattering important people


  2. totalitarianstrong and dependable, a person who is strong and dependable


  3. caricaturea representation in which disctinctive traits are exaggerated or distorted for comic effect, to represent or imitate in an exaggerated distorted manner


  4. diminutivea suffix that indicates small size, youth, familiarity, affection or contempt, a nickname indicating affection or familiarity, extremely small or tiny


  5. immigrateexcessive, lacking in moderation