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  1. furtive
  2. surreptitous
  3. recession
  4. mutifarious
  5. sovereign
  1. a obtained, done or made secret by stealthy means
  2. b indepenence, self governence, having supreme rank or power, a king, queen or other noble person who serves as head of state, a ruler or monarch
  3. c a general decline in business activity the act of withdrawing or going back
  4. d having great variet, diverse
  5. e sneaky and secretive, characterized by secret or stealthy means

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  1. to leave a country or region and settle in another
  2. to destroy affection or friendliness, to alienate or make hostile
  3. equivalent in significance, effect or value
  4. lacking moral restraint, scornful of what is right ot honerable uneasy feeling about doing something wrong
  5. a representation in which disctinctive traits are exaggerated or distorted for comic effect, to represent or imitate in an exaggerated distorted manner

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  1. trepidationanxiety, a state of a alarm, dread or fear, involuntary trembling or quivvering


  2. accreditto officially recognize or accept as having met certain standards, to credit with, to attribute to


  3. miscreantnoticably bad, conspicuously offensive, glaring


  4. precdea system of beliefs, practices, or opinions


  5. indigentloud, harsh, grating or shrill