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  1. objectionable
  2. flagrant
  3. pedantic
  4. affinity
  5. unscrupulous and scruples
  1. a lacking moral restraint, scornful of what is right ot honerable uneasy feeling about doing something wrong
  2. b a natural attraction, liking or feeling of kinship
  3. c overly concerned with or narrowly focused on book learning or formal rules
  4. d offensive, arousing disapproval
  5. e noticably bad, conspicuously offensive, glaring

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  1. of peaceful nature, calm
  2. consisting of many different elements or types varried
  3. capable of meeting financial obligations, able to pay debts
  4. to lower oneself to the position of one considered inferior, to treat as inferior, to patronize
  5. accidentally, unintentionally

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  1. exonerateto free from blame or punishment, to free from an obligation, task or responsibility


  2. totalitarianrelating to a form of government with aboslute centalized control over every aspect of peoples lives


  3. coinagea fortress or stronghold in a city in or near a commanding position


  4. slavishcapable of meeting financial obligations, able to pay debts


  5. oppulencewealth, affluence, great abundance, often to excess, lavishness