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  1. tantamount
  2. purloin
  3. pejorative
  4. effect
  5. sequester
  1. a a result, to bring about
  2. b to isolate someone or something, to isolate, to seize or gain possesion of property
  3. c disrespectful, insulting, belitting, demeaning
  4. d equivalent in significance, effect or value
  5. e to steal often in a vioation of trust to commit theft

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  1. to speak of in disrespectful slighting way, to belittle
  2. praise for exceptional achievement
  3. an evildoer or vilian
  4. wanting to please, willing to do what pleases others, cheerfully obliging
  5. a representation in which disctinctive traits are exaggerated or distorted for comic effect, to represent or imitate in an exaggerated distorted manner

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  1. melancholydeep sadness, depression, gloom, sad, gloomy, pensive


  2. feudaleconomical, thrifity, careful adn strict in avoiding unecessary spending


  3. colloquialtypical of informal language usage, conversational


  4. disinterestedwithout interest, having no interest or concern in a matter


  5. congruencetending to cause or bring about, favorable to