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  1. intrepid
  2. jetty
  3. projectile
  4. conjecture
  5. clientele
  1. a fearless, having unwavering courage
  2. b a structure that projects out into the water and protects the shore
  3. c a group of customers or patrons
  4. d a guess, a statement or judgement based on little or no evidence, to guess to infer from insufficient evidence
  5. e an object that is thrown, fired or self propelled

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  1. a government led by few especially by a faction of people or families, a government led by a few people or families
  2. obtained, done or made secret by stealthy means
  3. tending to cause or bring about, favorable to
  4. accidentally, unintentionally
  5. failing to give due care or attention, inattentive

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  1. fortitudestrenght of mind that allows one to endure pain or adversity with courage


  2. unseemlycunning, full of trickery or intentions to decieve


  3. latentpresent and capable of coming into existance, but not visible evident, or active


  4. condescendagreement, correspondence, harmony


  5. dociledoubtful, uncertain, questionable as to quality or validity