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  1. enamor
  2. indigent
  3. ludicrous
  4. judicious
  5. sovereign
  1. a extemely poor, impoverished, lacking basic necessities
  2. b indepenence, self governence, having supreme rank or power, a king, queen or other noble person who serves as head of state, a ruler or monarch
  3. c rediculously laughably absurd
  4. d to inspire with love, to captivate
  5. e having or exibiting good sound judgment

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  1. possesing great knowledge and scholarship
  2. a predatory attack or raid, damage, destruction, or loss
  3. unquestionable, not disputable, indisputable
  4. an object that is thrown, fired or self propelled
  5. appropriateness of behaviour, propriety

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  1. demeanorto inspire with love, to captivate


  2. mediateto help opposing sides reach an agreement, to intervene in a conflict in order to improve the situation


  3. rendezvousgullible, easily decieved, believing too readily


  4. subjugationthe act of conquering or bringing under control, enslavement


  5. precdea system of beliefs, practices, or opinions