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  1. incredulous
  2. stalwart
  3. effect
  4. brazen
  5. trepidation
  1. a extremely bold, shamelessly rude or defiant
  2. b not easily decived, skeptical, doubtful
  3. c strong and dependable, a person who is strong and dependable
  4. d anxiety, a state of a alarm, dread or fear, involuntary trembling or quivvering
  5. e a result, to bring about

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  1. typical of informal language usage, conversational
  2. an object that is thrown, fired or self propelled
  3. to inspire or influence thoroughly, to dye or stain thoroughly
  4. to return to a former condition, practice, belief or state
  5. extreme dislike or disgust

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  1. commenstruatecorresponding in size or degree proportionate


  2. extricateto free from blame or punishment, to free from an obligation, task or responsibility


  3. deprevationa general decline in business activity the act of withdrawing or going back


  4. autonomya word formed from the first letter of each word in a series


  5. stridentloud, harsh, grating or shrill


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