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Logical Fallacies


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Ad Hominem:
Arguing against the person, not against the proposition.
Appeal to Authority:
A conclusion is drawn from testimony provided by someone who is well-known but not an expert or authority.
Threat of rejection by a group is substituted for an actual argument
Burden of Proof:
Assuming since one side could not prove its case, the other side must be true.
False Dilemma:
Presenting two choices and claiming that since one is false the other is true when both could be false.
Guilt by Association:
Rejecting an argument simply because it is pointed out that people he/she dislikes support the arguments
Hasty Generalization:
A conclusion is drawn from an insufficient sample size
Red Herring:
Presenting an irrelevant topic to divert attention from the original proposition
Straw Man:
Ignoring the actual argument and substituting a distorted or exaggerated version of the position
Appeal to Tradition:
Assuming something is true just because it is older or traditional