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lymphatic pathways bein as__that merge to form lymphatic vessels

lymphatic capillaries

The wall of a lymphatic capillary consists of a single layer of what?

squamous epithelium

Once tissue intersititual fluid is inside a lymph capillary, the fluid is called


Lymphatic vesels have walls similar to those of what?


Lymphatic vessels contain something that help prevent the backflow of lymph, what is it?


lymphatic vessels usually lead to what? that filer the fluid being transported

lymph nodes

the lymphatic trunk drains the head and neck is called the

jugular trunk

what is the larger and longer of the two lymphatic collecting ducts?

the thoracic trunk and the left lymphatic duct

Lymph nodes contain large numbers of white blood cells called


The indented region where blood vessels and nerves join a lymph node is called the


the spaces within a lymoh node are called___through which lymph circulates

lymph sinuses

lymph enters a node through what?

an afferent lymphatic vessel.

the partially encapsulatd lymph node in the pharynx is called


the aggregations of lymph nodules found within the mucosal lining o the small intestine are called

peyers patches

the lymph nodes in the cervical region are associated with the lymphatic vessels that drain what?

scalp face nasal pharynx

the lymph nodes associated with the lymphatic vessels which draink the lower limbs are located in what region?

inguinal region

the thymus is located in where?


the thymus reaches its greatest size during infancy and early childhood and tends to decrease in size following


as a person ages, the thymus tissue is often replaced by

adipose and other connective tissues

the lymphocytes of the thymus develop from precursor cells that originated in the

bone marrow

the hormones secreted by the thymus are called


what is the largest organs of the lymphatic system


blood vessels enter the spleen through the region called the


the sinuses within the spleen contain what?


the tiny islands of t issue within the spleen that contain many lymphocytes comprise which kind of pulp

white pulp

which pulp of the spleen contains large numbers of red blood cells, lymphocytes, and macrophages

red pulp

what within the spleen engulfs and destroys foreign particles and cellular debris


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