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Tenses review (no passive) for Quizlet Live


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I _____________ an apple every day.
My sister ___________ an apple every day.
I _____________ two apples yesterday.
was eating
I _______________ an apple when you called me.
have eaten
I ________________ two apples since this morning.
used to eat
When I was younger, I _________________ an apple a day, but now I don't eat apples anymore.
has eaten
My sister ____________ two apples since this morning.
have just eaten
I __________________________ an apple, so I don't want another one now.
haven't eaten it yet
My doctor told me to eat an apple a day, and this morning I put an apple in my backpack, but I _______________________ .
have been eating
I __________________ this apple for twenty minutes.
has been eating
My sister ___________________ that apple for thirty minutes.
will eat
I ________________ an apple after I finish studying.
am eating
Right now I _________________ an apple. Can I call you back later?
is eating
Right now my sister ______________ an apple. She will call you back later.
will have eaten
By 10am tomorrow I ___________________ an apple already. My doctor told me to eat one every morning before breakfast.
will be having
Don't call me at 12. I __________________ lunch at that time.
had eaten
He called me to tell me not to touch the cake, but unfortunately I __________________ the last slice of cake already.
At the weekend, I usually ________________ a lot.
At the weekend, my sister usually ________________ a lot.
was sleeping
I _________________ when you called me, and you woke me up.
were sleeping
My parents __________________ when I came home last night, and they didn't wake up when I opened the door.
used to sleep
When I was a freelance, I _________________ until 9 a.m. every day, but now I have to wake up at 7 a.m. and go to the office.
Yesterday I was so tired that I _________________ ten hours.
will sleep
I'm so tired that I think I ________________ ten hours tonight.
am sleeping
I can't concentrate on this movie. I _________________ with my eyes open, basically.
is sleeping
My sister ___________________ right now, so please don't make too much noise when you go upstairs.
hasn't slept
My sister ___________________ very well since she lost her job.
have slept
I ____________________ very well since I started taking some sleeping pills before going to bed.
will have slept
By this time tomorrow morning I hopefully __________________ ten hours, so I will be rested and full of energy.
will be sleeping
Don't call me at midnight tonight. I ________________ because I have to wake up early tomorrow.
had slept
When I remarked that he looked so tired, he said that he ________________ only two hours.
has been sleeping
Look at how my sister is sleeping. She ___________________ throughout the whole movie, probably since the beginning.
My brother ___________ always tired because he works a lot.
I ___________ always tired because I work a lot.
My brother and I _________ always tired because we work a lot.
Yesterday I ___________ tired because I worked a lot.
Yesterday my brother and I ___________ tired because we worked a lot.
will be
If I work until 9 o'clock tonight, I ____________ tired.
When the fire alarm rang, the students ______________ the classroom in an orderly manner and followed the teacher's instructions.
were leaving
When the fire alarm rang, the student ________________ the classroom, so the door was already open.
will leave
I think that I ________________ Bangkok soon. It has become too polluted.
have left
I think I ___________________ the window open in my room, so I need to go home and close it before it rains.
used to leave
Before moving to Bangkok, I __________________ the window open in my room, but now I always close it because I'm worried that the room could be damaged during a rainstorm.
has left
My boyfriend thinks that he _______________ the window open in his room, so he needs to go home and close it before it rains.
had already left
When I arrived at the party, all of my friends ________________________ , so I didn't have much fun.
When you _______________ the classroom, it's important that you clean your desk.