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Classics 2211


Bending a limb or joint.


Straightening out a limb or joint.


Movement away from the midline of the body.


Movement toward the midline of the body.


Circular movement around an axis.


Turning the palm forward or up.


Turning the palm backward or down.


Fibrous membrane separating and eveloping muscles.

insertion of a muscle

Connection of muscle to a bone that moves.

origin of a muscle

Connection of muscle to a stationary bone.

skeletal (striated) muscle

Voluntary muscle connected to bones.

smooth (visceral) muscle

Involuntary muscle connected to internal organs.


Backward (upward) bending of the foot.

plantar flexion

Bending the sole of the foot downward toward the ground.



bursa (plural

bursae):Sac of fluid near a joint.


Connective tissue binding bones to other bones.

suture joint

Joint in which apposed bones are closely united.

synovial cavity

Space between bones at a synovial joint.

synovial fluid

Fluid within the synovial cavity.

synovial joint

A freely moveable joint.

synovial membrane

Membrane lining the synovial cavity. It produces synovial fluid.


Connective tissue that binds muscles to bones.

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