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missing three words. put them up later


to give prominence to; emphasize or intensify. To pronounce with a stress or accent: To mark with an accent mark:


the repetition of the same sounds usually consonants or consonant clusters, especially at the beginning of words.


similarity in some respects between things that are otherwise unlike. An explanation of something by comparing it with something similar


a protein produced in the blood or tissues in response to the presence of a specific toxin, foreign blood cell, or other antigen. Provides immunity against certain microorganisms and toxins by binding with them and often by deactivating them


to have a great ambition


to deceive by elaborate trickery;hoodwink


very strange or odd


rough and story;violent. Noisy and lacking restraint or discipline.


to act together in refusing to use, buy from, or deal with, especially as an expression of protest.


a method of concealing military troops or equipment by making them appear to be part of the natural surroundings. protective coloring


the order or sequence of events. A list or table of events analyzed in order of time of occurrence.


to honor the memory of someone especially with a ceremony.


to crouch or draw back as from fear or pain.


proper behavior or conduct


the act of subtracting;subtraction


to be willing to do something that one considers beneath one's dignity.


feeling depressed

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