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  1. do exercise (I ______ 4 times a week.)
  2. something that was planned didn't happened (example: I was supposed to get married, buy a house, get an A, but _____.) -Subject must be IT
  3. take someone to see the different parts of an area (such as a campus, a city, a neighborhood, etc.)
  4. to be in a better situation (than another situation (opposite - be worse off)

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  1. at leastan expression that shows that there is a good side in a situation that also has a problem (You're not getting an A, but ____ you're not failing!)


  2. over the break"during" the time between sessions of classes; for some students and teachers, this is a time for vacation (usually longer than a weekend)


  3. in advancebefore the scheduled time for the event (same as "ahead of time"