The 13 Colonies - Chapters 2.2-2.4


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What did the climate cause in New England colonies
Short growing seasons
What were the resources in the New England colonies
- Rocky soil
- Atlantic ocean
People in the New England Colonies
English Settlers (puritans)
Economic development in the New England Colonies
- Subsistence farming
- Triangular trade
- Fishing
- Whaling
- Shipbuilding
Climate allowed _____ in the Middle colonies
Longer growing season
Resources in the Middle Colonies
- Good soil
- Rivers
- Mills
People in the Middle Colonies
Diverse population
Economic development in the Middle colonies
Cash crops of grain
Climate allowed ______ in the southern colonies
Year around growing season
Resources in southern colonies
Fertile soil
People the Southern colonies contained
Enslaved Africans
Economic Development in southern colonies
Plantations (indigo, rice, tobacco)
Subsistence farming
Farming to produce food for one family and a little extra for trade
What were the major industries that made the New England Colonies prosperous
- Shipbuilding
- Fishing
What did the puritans want to do to the Church of England
Indentured servant
A person who sold their labor to come to the New world
Proprietary colony
A colony that had a single owner
Diverse population
A variety of racial and cultural groups
What allowed colonies to to grow different crop
- Resources
- climate
Which colonies were known as the bread basket colonies
Middle colonies
What was the middle colonies economy based on
Wheat crops
Whats another name for the middle colonies
Bread basket colonies
Which region was the most tolerant of other religions
Who settled in New England
The puritans
What did the puritans believe in
Hard work
Where did the puritans settle
New England
How were colonist/native American interactions
Positive and negative
In the beginning the native Americans helped the colonists do _____
- Hunt
- Farm
- Fish
How did colonists move natives off their land
What was the land called that the Natives had control over
Which colony represents a diverse population
What is the difference between a proprietary colony and a royal colony
- Proprietary colonies were under private ownership
- Royal colonies were under the King
Which colonial region did not use slaves
New England colonies
What governmental ideas were developed during colonial times
- Majority ruled
- following laws
- Representative gov.
What did the Quakers start when they got to America
Tolerance of different religious groups
What democratic practices were started in the colonies? (7)
-majority rule
-all follow laws
-representative government
-electing officials
-land owners vote
- town meetings
- House of Burgesses
How slavery used in each colonial region
NE - almost no slaves
Middle - city workers & household slaves
Southern - plantation (household and field)
What region had competition for the land and who was competing
Middle - Dutch claimed then English took over (New Amsterdam became New York)

South - Spanish competed for Georgia and N/S Carolina