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"Now...what is architecture?"
Frank Lloyd Wright
"A house is a machine for living"
Le Corbusier
"Architecture is the frame of life. It is the Nature of everything that is. The Universe has a plan. Everything has a plan."
Frank Lloyd Wright
"Architecture is the masterly, correct and magnificent interplay of volumes brought together in light."
Le Corbusier
"Architecture is... the unavoidable art."
Robert Campbell
"Architecture...proceeds from... the UNMEASURABLE... to the MEASURABLE, and then... returns, to the UNMEASURABLE"
Louis I. Kahn,
"Our expertise is in the realm of qualities. We instill qualities in places that were not there before. I don't know what else we're (architects, landscape architects, interior architects) experts at."
Marlon Blackwell
"When we talk about how architecture matters, it is important to understand that the way in which it matters-beyond the obvious fact of shelter - is the same way in which any art matters: It makes life better"
Paul Goldberger
"At Unity Temple I had the thought that the... space within, to be lived in, was the reality of the new architecture, and the shape of the roof and walls would take form accordingly"
Frank Lloyd Wright
"Still life with a burning candle"
Pieter Claesz Dutch c. 1627
"The organizational kernel of a building... by which the thesis of the building is made manifest and tested."
Professor Wilvan van Campen,
"1. IDEA
3. Point of Departure"
Alan Chimacoff
"Parti is the Occam's Razor of Architecture..."
Professor Randall Korman
Occam's Razor is a problem solving principle that states "The simplest assumption for any set of variable tends to be the right answer."
William of Occam (c. 1287 - 1347)
"The street is a Room by agreement. A Community Room the walls of which belong to the donors. Its' ceiling is the sky.
Charcoal Drawing by Louis I. Kahn
"For the first time in human history, the entire world both built and unbuilt is being considered as one continuous landscape...It is a profound way of reconceiving architecture and cities."
Robert Campbell
"A garden is a complex of aesthetic and plastic intentions; and the plant is to a landscape artist, not only a plant - rare, unusual, ordinary, or doomed to disappearance - but it is also a color, a shape, a volumne or an arabesque in itself."
Roberto Burle Marx
"Before it can ever be a repose for the senses, landscape is the work of the mind. Its scenery built up as much from strata of memory as from layers of rock. "
Simon Schama
"If all the great buildings of the world were destroyed, they could re-erect themselves if only their ground floor plans remained."
Alan Chimacoff
Architecture is an art for use and ornament, and of its ornament, the column is the king.
Alan Chimacoff