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J Tradition creation story
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*God is refered to differently.
*Earth and the heavans are already created
*man is created from the dirt.
*God plants the garden of Eden
*Man can't eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. If he does, he'll have to be mortal.
*God creates creatures and man names them
*A woman is created from the man's rib
*a serpant tells the woman she should eat fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil
*her hubby has some and they realize they're naked.
*they put on clohes
*God finds out they ate and punishes them. women wil have to have kids. Men will have to farm infirtle soil and they get kicked out of Edan
*7 days of creation
*1: light/ day and night
*2: creation of sky
*3: creation of land and sea. Vegetation.
*4: creation of the sun and moon for light and time. creation of stars.
*5: Creation of animals in sea and in the sky.
*6: creation of land animals. creation of humans in God's image. Gave them dominion over plants and animals.
7: God rested
Odyssey: Telemachas*The son of Odysseus. *Tavels to ____ to get information about his dad *Helps his dad kill the suiters.Odyssey: Penelope*wife of Odysseus, Mother to Telemachus. *Doesn't believe that Odysseus is her hubby until he sayss their bed was made into an olive tree *She was real sad and mopy about her hubby *She said that she's get with a suiter after she finished her weavinf for Leartes but during the night she'd unravel it so she didn't have toOdyssey: AgelausA suitor who asks Telemachus to reason w Penelope to marry someone.Odyssey: Euymachus*A suitor involved in plotting to kill TelemachusAntigone: AntigoneAntigone: CreonHusband of Euridice. King of ThebesAntigone: HamonSon of Creon, to be married to AntigoneAntigone: EuridiceWife of Creon. Queen of ThebesAntigone: ThyresiousProfit