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Supreme Court Case Test Govt.

Everson V. Board of Ed. 1947
1st Amendment. Establishment Clause
Zorach V. Clauson 1952
Upheld NYC release time program b/c program required that the religious classes were held in private places
Engel V. Vitale 1962
Outlawed prayer and reading bible verses even on a voluntary basis in public schools. Separation of church and state.
Westside Community School District v. Hergens 1990
Equal access Act of 1984 declares that any public high school must allow students to meet at school for religious groups same as other organizations. Does not violate the establishment clause.
Wallace V. Jaffree 1985
Found Alabama's moment of silence law which provided for 1 min of silence for meditation or voluntary prayer at the beginning of each school day unconstitutional.
Santa Fe Independent School District V. Doe 2000
S.C. found Texas school districts policy that permitted student led prayer at high school football games unconstitutional.
Lemon V. Kurtzman 1971
State aid to parochial schools. 2 prong standard. court struck down a penn law that provided for reimbursements to private schools to cover the cost of teacher salaries, textbooks, and other materials in nonreligious courses.
Epperson V. Arkansas 1968
Struck down State law forbidding the teaching of the scientific theory of evolution.
County of Allegheny V. ACLU 1989
The county's seasonal display violated the 1st and 14th amendments
Good News Club V. Milford Central School 2001
School board had refused to allow a group of grade school students to meet after school for religious purposes. The school board violated the kids 1st and 14th amendment rights to free speech.
Reynolds V. US 1879
Mormon had 2 wives-polygamy-but prohibited by federal law-conviction upheld.
McGowan V. Maryland 1961
Upheld law that required businesses to be closed on sunday. Blue laws in Maryland.
Pierce V. Society of Sisters 1925
Oregon law required kids to go to public schools-intended to eliminate private schools. Which was found unconstitutional.
Lynch V Donnelly 1984
The court held that the city of pawtucket RI could include the christian nativity scene in its holiday display which also features non religious objects.
Zelman V. Simmons- Harris 2002
Supreme Court decision that upheld a state providing families with vouchers that could be used to pay for tuition at religious schools
Watchtower Bible +Tract Society V. Village of Straton 2002
Law can require a person to obtain a license before solicitary monday for a religious cause.
Lyng V. Northwest Indian Cemetery Protective Association 1988
US Forest service can allow private companies to build roads and cut lumber in national forests that native americans used for religious purposes.
Sherbert V. Verner 1963
Court held that those beliefs rooted in religion are protected by the free exercise clause
W. Virginia Board of Education V. Barnett 1943
Court held that required flag salute is unconstitutional.
Schenck V. US 1919
1st Amendment. Can't yell fire in theatre causing panic.
Miller V. California 1973
Court laid down a three part test to determine what material is obscene and what is not.
Bigelow V. Virginia 1975
S.C. found a state law banning the newspaper advertising abortion services unconstitutional.
NAACP V. Alabama 1958
The freedom to engage in association for the advancement of beliefs and ideas in an inseparable aspect of the constitutions guarantees of the freedom of expression.
NY Times V. US 1971
Prior restraint- Pentagon PApers from defense dept. were leaked for press. Court said release could harm US.
Branzburg V. Hayes 1972
Held that reporters must respond to relevant questions put to them in the course of a valid grand jury investigation or criminal trial.
Burstyn V. Wilson 1952
Liberty of expression by means of motion pictures is guaranteed by 1 and 14 amendments
Red Lion Broadcasting Co. V. US 1999
Court ruled that of all forms of communication it is broadcasting that has recieved the most limited 1st amendment protection .Radio and TV use public property airwaves to distribute information.
Thornhill V. Alabama 1940
Court struck down state law that made it a crime to loiter about or picket a place of business in order to influence others not to trade or work there.
Greater New Orleans Broadcasting Association V. US 1999
S.C. struck down federal law that prohibited casino advertising on the radio or tv.
Gregory V. Chicago 1969
Protesters have the constitutional rights of assembly and petition as long as it is peaceful.
Boy Scouts of America V. Dale 2000
Boy Scouts have a constitutional right to exclude gays.
Gitlow V. New York 1925
Due Process Clause 14th amendment-community convicted on anarchy freedom of speech and press can not be denied by national gov. 1st amendment guarantees to be covered by 14th.
Near V. Minnesota 1931
Freedom of Press-found unconstitutional. Struck down a state law that prohibited publication of any malicious periodical.
Dejonge V. Oregon 1937
freedom of assembly and petition
Mapp V. Ohio 1937
exclusionary rule evidence obtained illegally was not admissible in court.
Robinson V. California 1902
8th Amendment. Cruel & unusual punishment.
Gideon V. Wainwright 1963
6th amendment right to counsel.
Malloy V. Hogan 1964
5th amendment, self incrimination
Pinter V. Texas 1965
6 amendment, confront witnesses
Klopfer V. North Carolina 1967
6th amendment- speedy trial
Washington V. Texas 1967
6th amendment, must obtain witness
Duncan V. Louisiana 1968
6th amendment, trial by jury in criminal cases.