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During the war in eastern Europe, Germany's advance into the Soviet Union was reversed at


Which statement about the Japanese-American internment is false

Once the FBI did background checks on individuals they were free to leave the camps and return home.

What was the double V campaign

An attempt to gain victory in Germany and an end to segregation in America

The policy followed by Britain and France toward Germany of giving concessions in hopes of avoiding war was called


What was the "final solution"

Adolf Hitler's plan to mass-exterminate "undesirable" peoples

The GI Bill of Rights provided for veterans

- Low-cost mortgage loans
- Job training
- Unemployment pay
- scholarships for college education

December 7 1941 is known as a "date that will live in infamy" referring to

the Japanese attack on pearl harbor

D-Day refers to the

Allied invasion of Europe at Normandy

The Holocaust

was the mass extermination of millions of Jews and others in Nazi death camps

Rosie the Riveter

refers to Norman Rockwell's image of "woman power" during the war

One of the reasons that the soviet union flet justified in making demands on the western world was the enormous sacrifice it had made in the WWII, which is estimated at ___ million dead

20 million

How did the US respond to Joseph Stalin's blockade around Berlin

Truman ordered that supplies be brought to Berlin via airlift

All of the following were goals of the Fair Deal except

passing the Taft-Hartley act

Joe McCarthy announced the he had a list of 205 communists who worked for the

State Department

What set a precedent for American assistance to anticommunist regimes throughout the world, no matter how undemocratic

The Truman Doctrine

The Cold War

- reshaped immigration police
- promoted the rapid expansion of higher education
- supported scientific research in medicine and
- contributed to the dismantling of segregation

Which statement is not true about Jackie Robinson

He had an impeccable record while in the army

The Marshall Plan

offered economic assistance to noncommunist governments

The Korean War

ended in a stalemate

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

were executed after a questionable trial

What caused the civil rights movement of the 1950's

- mass migration out of the south beginning in WWI to
the North
- destabilazation of the racial system during WWII
- The cold war, which demanded that the rhetoric of
democracy be practiced in america
- the rise of independent states in the third world

Which Middle Eastern country did President Eisenhower use the CIA to overthrow a government in the early 1950s, in large part because it attempted to nationalize
British-owned oil fields?


In Brown v. Board of Education, what was Thurgood Marshall's main argument before the Supreme Court

That segregation did lifelong damage to the children, undermining their self esteem.

After World War II, the automobile

altered the American landscape.

Between 1950 and 1970, suburbanization

hardened racial divisions in American life

The policy of massive retaliation

indicated of the increased reliance on nuclear weapons

The Eisenhower Doctrine pledged support

to any Middle Eastern country resisting communism or nationalism

Martin Luther King Jr was

inspired b the teachings of Gandhi

The Southern Cristian leadership Conference

was a coalition of white southerners who resisted desegregation

In the 1960 presidential race, JFK became the Democratic candidate despite

his Catholicism

the 14 points attempted to

provide a peace agenda to create a new democratic order

which group did not support the movement for prohibition

Catholics who wished to curb the abuse of alcohol by the parishioners

was the treaty of versailles a fair and reasonable document given the circumstances

allowed Germany equal participation in the negotiation process

Senators opposing America's participation in the league of nations

were ultimately defeated and the US joined the league in 1921

Which was not a technology used in WWI



- was known as the Great War
- Introduced a much new military technology
- pitted the allies against the central powers
- began with the assassination of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne

The Zimmerman telegram

outlined the German plan for an attack on the US by Mexico

The 19th Amendment

barred states from using sex as a qualification for voting

The 18th Amendment

prohibited the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages

The "Great Migration" refers to

blacks moving from the South to the North

What did Calvin Coolidge believe was the chief business of the American people


Railroads were to the late 19th what ____ were the the 1920's


Who was not a celebrity in the 1920's

Jackie Robinson

American Novelists like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway were part of the

lost generation

The Scopes trial illustrated a divide between

modernism and fundamentalism

Herbert Hoover was -- all the above--

- mining engineer
- progressive republican
- in charge of food relief in Europe during WWI
- well prepared to be presidnet

The Great Depression was caused by --all the above--

- unequal distribution of wealth
- land speculation bubble in Flo Rida
- agricultural recession throughout the decade
- stagnated sales in the auto and consumer goods industries after 1926

In the 1920's movies, radios and phonographs

helped create and spread a new celebrity culture


flourished in the early 1920's especially in the North and West

The Hawley Smoot Tariff

raised taxes on imported goods

The Share Our Wealth movement was

led by Louisiana senator Huey Long and gained a national following

The Social Security Act of 1935

included old age pensions, unemployment relief, and Aid to Dependent Children

Keynesian economics

Relied on large-scale government spending

The first thing that Roosevelt attended to as president was the

banking crisis

Roosevlet called __ an american "birthright" the embodiment of the spirit of the "enterprise of independence and of freedom

owning a home

During the new deal, african americans --all of the above--

- worked in segregated CCC camps
- were mostly excluded from Social Security benefits
- were discriminated against by the Federal Housing
- Failed in getting passed a federal antilynching law

What ended the Great Depression

WWII spending

Which New Deal program put the federal government for the first time in the business of selling electricity in competition with private companies

Tennessee Valley Authority

Why did FDR try to change the balance on the Supreme Court

He feared it might invalidate the Wagner and Social Security acts

The Agricultural Adjustment Act

raised farm prices by establishing quotas and paying farmers not to plant more

The Dawes Act

divided tribal lands into parcels of land for Indian families

Social Darwinism in America

- evolved from the British philosopher Herbert Spencer.
- argued that evolution was as natural a process in
human society as in nature, and government must not
- argued that failure to advance in society indicated a
lack of character
- argued that freedom required frank acceptance of

One of the reasons that the Great Strike of 1877 was important is that

it underscored the tensions produced by the rapid industrialization of the time

What did hunters shoot while riding the railroads across the west


The 2nd Industrial revolution was marked by

the acceleration of factory production and increased activity in the mining and RR industries

Which mode of transportation is usually associated with the 2nd industrial revoluton


Thomas Edison

Invented, among other things, a system for generating and distributing electricity

Andrew Carnegie and J. D. Rockefeller

built up giant corporations that dominated their respective markets

In How the other Half lives, Jacob Riis

focused on the wretched conditions of NYC slums

The Social Gospel

did not support aid to the poor

The silver issue

refers to the fight to increase the money supply by minting silver money

Alfred Thayer Mahan argued that

for the US to be a great power, it was imperative that it build a strong navy

The severe depression of 1893

was marked by high, long term unemployment exemplified by Coxey's Army

William Jennings Bryan

wrote utopian novels

In Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) the Supreme Court

ruled that "separate but equal" accommodations were constitutional

At the end of the 19th century, lynching

was an act of violence directed mostly at black men

The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882

prohibited any Chinese from entering the US

in his Atlanta speech of 1895, Booker T. Washington

urged blacks to accept segregation

The Spanish American war

brought Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico under US control

The Platt Amendment

authorized the US to intervene militarily in Cuba

Newspaper and magazines writers, who exposed the ills of industrial and urban life, fueling the progressive movement, were known as


Settlement houses

established employment bureaus and health clinics

The writer whose work encouraged the passage of the Meat Inspection Act was

Upton Sinclair

The 16th Amendment

authorized congress to implement a graduated income tax

The Triangle Shirtwaist fire

brought in its wake increased union organizing among New York City garment workers and much needed safety legislation

The word "Progressivism" came into common use around 1910

as a way of describing a broad, loosely defined political movement of individuals and groups

The Industrial Workers of the World

advocated a workers revolution

Robert M. La Follette

was a Progressive governor in Wisconsin

Jane Addams

founded the Hull House in 1889

The Progressive presidents were

Theodore Roosevlet, William Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson

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