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  1. la sección de moda
  2. la orden
  3. el (la) locutor(a)
  4. el comentario
  5. Que yo sepa, (no) hay
  1. a command
  2. b announcer, newscaster
  3. c commentary
  4. d That I know of, there is/are (isn't/aren't)...
  5. e fashion section

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  1. masculine
  2. to subscribe to
  3. none, (not...) any
  4. radio (as a medium)
  5. front page

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  1. Entiendo algo de..., pero nada de...I understand a little about..., but nothing about...


  2. inspirarle confianzato inspire trust in (someone)


  3. parece mentira queit's hard to believe that


  4. el concursogame show


  5. la prensathe press