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The Primary Agent of socialization in the United States is the


Today more than 90% of the school age population attends school,compared to the ___ percent in 1890


According to the text, the latest data tells us that more than____percent of school-aged children report being bullied at least once a year


According to the text, it is now estimated that one out of ___ children are unprepared when they enter kindergarden


Since 1972, Dropout rates have remained the highest for


Students Living in low income families are approximately ____ times more likely to drop out than their peers from high-income families


Those who fail to meet expected levels of school achievement are referred to as


In Wolfgang's chronic offenders study, what percent graduated from high school?


Researchers commonly find that ____ is a stronger predictor of delinquency than such personal variables as economic class membership or peer group relations

School Failure

Durring the 1950's, research by Albert Cohen indicated that delinquency was a phenomenon of working class students who were poorly equipped to function academically. Cohen referred to this phenomenon as a failure to live up to ____

Middle Class Measuring Rods

____ refers to dividing students into groups according to their ability and achievement levels


In a few mostly inner-city neighborhood high schools, the high school completion rate is ___ percent or less


Research shows that the ___ is one of the most important predictors of campus crime and violence

School Climate

As indicated in the text, upwards of ____ percent of students report bringing weapons to school on a regular basis


The first, and best known intervention Program to reduce bullying among school children was launched in


Surveys indicate that ___ percent of teachers have been victims of crimes in schools


Which Federal Agency has Developed a profile of school shootings and school shooters?
Homeland Security
U.S. Secret Service

U.S. Secret Service

Used in a number of schools systems nationwide, ____ is a program focused on social and emotional development

Positive Action

Surveys show that about ___ percent of schools use one or more security cameras


Crime in schools reflects the patterns of antisocial behavior existing

In the surrounding neighborhood

The Case of New Jersey v. T.L.O. the court dealt with the issue of ____

Search and Seizure

In ____ the courts held that schools were allowed to administer drug testing programs to student athletes

Vernonia School District v. Acton

The most important Supreme Court Case concerning a student's right to passive speech was the 1969 case of ____

Tinker v. Des Moines independent Community School District

in ingrahm v. Wright the courts ruled on the issue of _____-

Corporal Punishment

Justice ____ said, "young people do not shed their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse door."

Abe Fortas

The Courts upheld a school systems right to suspend a student who uses obscene or profane language

Bethel School District No. 403 v. Fraser

In ___, the court extended the right of school officials to censor "active speech" when it ruled that the principal could censor articles in a student publication

Hazlewood School District v. Kuhlmeier

In Santa Fe independent School District, Petitioner v. Jane Doe the Supreme Court ruled that ____

Prayers led by an elected student undermine the protection of minority viewpoints

of the following which required a school district to provide space for an after school Bible club for elementary schools?
Good News
Wisconson v. Yoder
Tinker v.Des Moines
Bethel School District v.Fraser

Good News Club v. Milford Central School

Repeated Negative acts committed by one or more children against another is defined as


______ May be the function of student's inability to see the relevance of what they are taught

Student Alienation

_____ Policies mandate specific consequences for delinquent acts and do not allow anyone to avoid these consequences

Zero Tolerance

New Jersey v. T.L.O. was concerned with issues surrounding the _____ Amendment


Jackson Toby Contends that the Disatvantages lower class children have in school are result of their ____

Position in the Social Structure

The Norms of peer culture are often at odds with those of adult society, and a ____ with a distinct social system develops

Pseudo Culture

____ speech is a form of expression not associated with actually speaking words


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