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Test your knowledge and unlock your true nerdy gamer self in this set of expert questions from one of Nintendo's most popular series: The Legend of Zelda (Disclaimer: Most of these terms are based upon fan favorite title games.)


Name of the girl in Lon Lon Ranch.(OoT)

Blast Mask

Mask that allows you to blow up like a bomb (MM)

Zora Mask

Mask that allows you to swim and breathe underwater (MM)

Goron Mask

Mask that allows you to look like a Goron, resist fire, and roll on to of enemies

Magic Sword

Most powerful sword in Zelda 1 and retrieved in a graveyard


Link's best friend (OoT)


Link's annoying friend that tells you obvious info

Zora Tunic

Used to breathe underwater

Goron Tunic

Used to tolerate flames

Kokiri Tunic

Link's original tunic given to him as a child


Link's horse, introduced in Ocarina of Time

Spiritual Stones

A trio of stones used to open the Doors of Time (OoT)

Fused Shadows

Broken pieces of a headpiece used to defeat Zant (TP)

Pendants of Virtue

Pendants used to retrieve the master sword (ALTTP)

Queen Gohma

Evil insect that poisoned the Great Deku Tree

King Dodongo

Dodongo that brought an entire colony of Dodongos to Death Mountain and prevented Gorons from their cave

Bio-electric Anemone Barinade

Organism that infected Lord Jabu-Jabu in Zora's Domain

Phantom Ganon

Reincarnation of Ganon that has kidnapped Saria (OoT)


Fire Dragon that trapped the Gorons of Goron City in Death Mountain


Organism that froze all of Zora's Domain

Sorceress Sisters Twinrova

Gerudo Temple Boss and Ganondorf's Mother and Aunt

Twilit Parasite Diababa

Organism that infected Faron Woods and corrupted the monkey king

Twilit Igniter Fyrus

Corrupted Goron King that abondoned Death Mountain

Twilit Aquatic Morpheel

Organism that has taken over Lake Hylia and has been trapped inside the Lake's bed

Twilit Fossil Stallord

Fossil revived by Zant to kill you and Lord of Stalfos

Twilit Arachnia Armogohma

Organism that has infested the Temple of Time

Twilit Ice Mass Blizzeta

Corrupted Yeti that was infected by A fragment of the Mirror of Twilight


Instrument in the Zelda 1 which is used to unlock Dungeon 7 and defeat the Dungeon 6 boss.

Ocarina of Time

Instrument used to transport Link from the Past and the Future (and vice versa)

Twilit Dragon Argorok

Dragon that has nested on the City in the Sky

Roc's Feather

Item that increases your jumping ability.

Master Sword

Sword introduced into most of the LoZ games after Zelda 2


Item used to stun enemies and retrieve items far away from you


A grapple hook to move to high places


A claw used to move you from place to place

Ball and Chain

A mace without the stick

Iron Boots

A set of boots used to hold you to the ground or go underwater

Megaton Hammer

Hammer used to knock down blocks


Object used to move or raise platforms and ride along rails


A weapon that is retrieved as the first item in the games if not the boomerang


Object used to light torch and light the way


Weapon that shoots projectiles at enemies


Goddess of Power


Goddess of Wisdom


Goddess of Courage


Princess of Hyrule and reincarnation of the Goddess Hylia


Protagonist and hero of Hyrule


A Kokiri that left Kokiri Forest and now has a hunger for Rupees

Hyrulian Shield

Link's famous shield that blocks all attacks as long as you are blocking


The goddess that the three great goddesses sent to protect the Triforce


fairy that is infused into the goddess sword


Princess of Twilight and helped link though his adventures during the Twilight Era

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