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Juvenile Delinquency Chapter 16

The process and experience of the transition of juveniles from juvenile and adult and adult correctional settings back to schools, Families communities, and social at large is referred to as
Correctional Centers designed especially for juveniles by federal, state, and county governments are called ____
Community Treatment Facilities
____ is one of the most common treatment approaches, and virtually all juvenile institutions use it to some degree
Behavior Modification
____ is credited with taking the first step toward Juvenile Probation.
____ seeks to make all aspects of the inmates' environment part of their treatment and to minimize differences between custodial staff and treatment Personal
Milieu Thearpy
By ____, probation had become a mandatory part of the court system
In_____, the court held that all juveniles confined in training schools in Texas have the right to treatment, including development of educational skills, delivery of vocational education, medical and psychiatric treatment, and adequate living conditions
Morales v. Turman
The ____ prepares the predisposition for the court
Juvenile Probation Officer
In_____ the U.S. Supreme Court held that the offender's proven dangerous outweighed the possible effects of rehabilitation
Ralston v. Robinson
A non punitive strategy for delinquency control that attempts to address the issues that produce conflict between two parties and reconcile the parties is referred to as
Restorative Justice
Programs that integrate community protection, accountability of the juvenile offender, competency, and individulized attention to the juvenile offender is called _____
Balanced Probation
The California 8% Solution Speaks to the __________
Percentage of Juvenile offenders who are responsible for the majority of the crime
is the most widely used method of restitution in the United States
Today all 50 States, as well as the District of Colombia, have ____ restitution programs
Approximately _____ Percent of youths who recieved restitution as a condition of probation successfuly completed their orders
_____ Provide for juveniles who are orphans or whose parents cannot care for them to be placed with families who provide the attention, guidance, and care they did not receive at home
Foster Care Programs
In ______ the U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a suit brought by residents at the Maricao Juvenile Camp in Puerto Rico in the grounds that the admin. had failed to provide them with individualized rehabilitation plan or adequate treatment
Santana v. Callazo
The ____ Policy mandates that courts use the lease restrictive alternative in providing services for status offenders
_____ established Minimun standards for all juveniles confined in traning schools
Inmates if the boys's Training school v. Afflect
____ Opened the First reform school for juveniles
the first house of refuge was established in
New York
Institutuions in which educational and psychological services are used in an effort to improve the conduct of juveniles who are forcibily detained are called ______
Reform Schools
_____ Makes the Greatest use of custodial treatment, incarcerating 672 delinquents in juvenile facilities per 100,000 Juveniles in the population
South Dakota
_____ and ______ have the lowest juvenile custody rates
Vermont and Hawaii
According to the Juvenile Residential Facility Census, _____ Percent of the reporting juvenile facilities are overcrowded
in ____ the courts condemned the use of corporal punnishment in juvenile institutions
Nelson v. Heyne
Research has found that the difference in custody rates between African Amercian and white youths is the result of ____
Disparity at early stages of case processing
in ____, the Court held that the use of tranquilizing drugs violates the Eight Amendment prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment.
Penna v. New York State Division For Youth
The Success of reality therapy dogs depends greatly on
Warmth and Concern of the Counselor
A reduction in the number of arrests per year for youths who have been incarcerated or othewise punnished is known as
Suppression Effect
____ includes forestry camps, ranches, and farms that provide recreational activites or work for juveniles
Rural Programs
Programs involving outdoor expeditions that provide opportunities for juvenile to confront the difficulites of their lives while acheiving positive personal satisfaction is called ________
Wilderness Probation