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  1. spectrin
  2. vital capacity
  3. vocal chords
  4. glottis
  5. nucleus
  1. a what are erythrocytes lacking?
  2. b located on the larynx, they allow humans to make noise
  3. c creates cell flexibility for movement into capillaries for RBC's
  4. d the opening on the larynx is also known as vocal chords
  5. e the greatest possible amount of oxygen intake

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  1. which tissues are in the respiratory system?
  2. process that occurs in bone marrow and ends of long bones where erythrocytes are formed
  3. blood's percentage plasma
  4. a covering on the larynx that convers it during swallowing
  5. function of megakaryocytes

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  1. nasal cavity, larynx, traches, bronchi, lungswhat makes up erythrocytes? (2)


  2. bronchioles, alveolar ducts, alveolar sacs, alveoliwhat is the process of gas exchange in the alveoli?


  3. squamos, loose, blood, adipose, cardiac, nervouswhich tissues are in the respiratory system?


  4. tidal volumelocated on the lung's root, it is the place of bronchus entry


  5. inhalationin this process, the diaphragm is relaxed