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  1. form platelets
  2. 55%
  3. nucleus
  4. 90%
  5. 100-120 days
  1. a plasma's percent water
  2. b what are erythrocytes lacking?
  3. c life span of an erythrocyte
  4. d blood's percentage plasma
  5. e function of megakaryocytes

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  1. the opening on the larynx is also known as vocal chords
  2. alveolar and capillary walls
  3. the amount of oxygen the lungs breathe in during normal, relaxed breathing
  4. what is the process of gas exchange in the alveoli?
  5. function of erythrocytes

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  1. nasal cavity, larynx, traches, bronchi, lungswhat is the sequence of air flow?


  2. inhalationin this process, the diaphragm is contracted


  3. arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules, veinssequence of blood flow


  4. squamos, loose, blood, adipose, cardiac, nervoustissues in the circulatory system


  5. spectrinthe opening on the larynx is also known as vocal chords