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This is what kant think will prevent war forever
-> Article 1:
-Republican constitutions
-liberty dependence + equality
-Representation + democracy

Nature of States
-All states must strive to become republics
-Kant says that a republic is a state that genuinly represents the interest of the territory it is ruling
-Kant believe that a republic need 3 things
1.Right to liberty
2.Dependent on one another and the state
3.Recognize all citizens i.e they can not have on set of laws for one set of people and another for another group
-To have a republic constitution does not mean to be a democracy... the least kind of republic constitution would be a demcratic one
-republics votes dont matter, it is what they are doing with that vote that matters

--> Article 2
-Federation of free states
-not a world government
-relation to war

-There is no way for a state to consent to be a part of a world government
-government does not have to be the power to dissolve itself
-What is can be is a treaty organization where states/ countries can get together and work out problems before it leads to war

-->Article 3
-Cosmopolitan Rights
-Right to hospitality
-Right to resort

-every country should recognize the right of hospitality + the right of resort
-(hospitality) - if a foriegner comes into your land they have a right not to be treated as an enemy
-(resort) you dont have to let enemies in, the only time you have to is when turning them away is a death sentence and they have no where else to go--- tourist you can turn away, refugees you cannot