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Iran-Iraq War

Iran-Iraq War
June 1979 Ayatollah and Iran began attacking Iraq. The prime minister Tariq Aziz was almost killed in these attacks. In 1989, Iraq announced that the treaty with Iran was no longer valid and so this war began. Hussein wanted to stop these attacks and make a treaty, but these attempts failed and the Iranian's Kept attacking. In Iran Ayatollah told his people to make sacrifices for the far and that it was a holy war which was doing good. Hussein had a business as usual attitude and making the Iraqis not affected by the war. To keep up this attitude he got support from Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Iran got support from Syria and Libya. Iraq tried again to end the war by beginning to pull troops out in 1982, but the iranians seized the opportunity and attacked. Finally, Hussein got angry and used biological warfare to kill thousands and bombed major Iranian cities. So this war ended.
UN-Iran Arms Deal
A deal made with the united nations by Iran saying that Iran would cease-fire on Iraq. A month after it was signed the word finally got out to all the troops and the war was over.
Gassing of Kurds
After the war, Hussein decided to use his access in biological warfare materials against his own people. These people who wanted their own nation helped Iran, and therefore were traitors. Five days after the war was over hussein launched mustard gas on 65 of these peoples cities. After all, Hussein was only eliminating his enemies.