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  1. Potential energy
  2. Voltage
  3. Units for current
  4. Field lines come out of...
  5. Resistance equation
  1. a Amperes (A)
  2. b positive charges
  3. c V = IR
    Voltage (electric potential) =
    Current x Resistance
  4. d the difference in electrical potential energy between two places in a circuit; tells you which way charges want to move and how badly (like a map of where charges want to go)
  5. e the capacity to do work

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  1. comes from an imbalance of electrons and protons; causes things to attract or repel
  2. low resistance
  3. current = charge/time
    I = q/t
  4. negative charges
  5. negative charge carriers; the flow of electrons is what causes current

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  1. Semiconductor (resistance)medium resistance; resistance can be changed


  2. When charges are stronger... (what do we do with field lines?)draw more field lines


  3. CurrentA train that floats above a magnetic track; the tracks are superconductors


  4. Semiconductorsconducts electricity and allows electrons to flow through it (metals, humans, water)


  5. A negatively charged object will move _______ along a field lineforward