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  1. Electric force and distance
  2. A positively charged object will move _______ along a field line
  3. Semiconductors on the periodic table
  4. Units for current
  5. Insulator
  1. a Stronger at close distances, weaker at long distances
  2. b Can be found right on the line between metals and non-metals
  3. c Amperes (A)
  4. d do not conduct electricity (rubber, plastic, air, non-metals
  5. e forward

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  1. current = charge/time
    I = q/t
  2. backward
  3. the difference in electrical potential energy between two places in a circuit; tells you which way charges want to move and how badly (like a map of where charges want to go)
  4. insulators in their natural state, but can be manipulated so that sometimes they conduct, and sometimes they don't
  5. Coulomb (C)

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  1. Superconductor (resistance)medium resistance; resistance can be changed


  2. When charges are stronger... (what do we do with field lines?)draw more field lines


  3. Resistance equationOhms (Ω say "omega")


  4. Insulator (resistance)very high resistance


  5. Currentthe rate that electric charges move through a conductor