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Collections of specialized cells and cell products that perform a relatively limited number of functions are call________.

epithelial tissue

The tissue that has a free surface exposed to the internal or external environment is____.


Epithelial cells exhitbit modifications that adapt them for ______.


Epithelial cells that are adapted for absorption or secretion usually have_______at their free surface.

tight junction

A type of intercellular connection in which there is a partial fusion of the lipid portions of the two cell membranes is termed a ______.

junctional complexes

Dead skin cells are shed in thick sheets because they are held together bya thin layer of proteoglycan reinforced by intermediate filaments. Such strong intercellular connections are___________.

a basement membrane

Epithelium is connected to underlying connective tissue by___.

heart and blood vessels

Mesothelium is to the linings of the body cavities as endothelium is to the linings of the_____.

simple squamous epithelium

The type of epithelium that is found lining internal body compartments and blood vessels is______.

lining the air sacs of the lungs

Simple cuboidal epithelium would be found______.


in ________secretion some cytoplasm is lost with the product?


The fibrous components of connective tissue are produced by______.


Cells that store fat are called______.

hormonal changes,and improper nutrition

Tissue changes wuth age can result from_______.


_______ refer to a reversible change in the normal shape, size, and organization of tissue cells.


The epithelium that lines the body cavities is known as___.


The linings of the heart and blood vessels is called____.

ground substance

______is the fluid component of connective tissue.


The combination of fibers and ground substance in supporting connective tissue is known as________.


The watery ground substance of blood is called_____.


Epithelia and connective tissues combine to form________ that cover and protect other structures and tissues in the body.

lamina propria

The loose connective tissue component of a mucous membrane is called the _________.


________are cells that are modified to transmit signals from one place to another.

inflammatory response

The bodies first tissue response to any injury is the______.

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