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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

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Who died at the start of the movie?
Senator Foley
Who is Joseph Paine?
Corrupt senator
Who is Jim Taylor?
Political boss
Who is the initial choice for senator? How does the press respond?
Horris Miller, they do not like this
How does the governor decide who will become senator?
The coin flip (it lands on its side by Jefferson smiths name)
What is the relationship between Jefferson smith and senator Paine?
Paine went to school and was very good friends with smiths dad
How does mr. Smith react to Washington?
He is in awe over it. It is all very new and a lot to take in
Contrast the reaction of mr. Smith to seeing the capital with the reaction of those with him.
He thinks its amazing. It is nothing special to anyone else
Why is mr. Smith REALLY in Washington? What is he SUPPOSED to do?
He is the "yes" guy: he is suppose to write yes to the dam project
How does Saunders feel about mr. Smith initially? Predict what will happen later?
She thinks he has no idea about what he is doing. He will prove her wrong and they will fall in love
Why does mr. Smith go around punching reporters in the mouth?
They were making fun of him of him in their reports. They were twisting his words
What do reporters tell him at the press club?
They tell him he is worthless, and just filling an empty chair
How did mr. Smith feel about his position at the start of the movie? How does he feel about it after the press club?
He is confident on the outside, but culture shocked because he has no idea what he is doing. Then he feels empowered on the inside after the press conference because he wants to prove the reporters wrong
How does Washington "look" now?
It is harsh and full of lies. It no longer looks like smiths dream world. It looks very corrupt
How long does mr smiths filibuster last?
23 hours 16 minutes
What media is used in the movie to tell people what is going on?
What is the "Jim Taylor machine"?
He is controlling the voting for the dam. The dam is for his own profit, but he is going to give men a seat in congress for 20 years if they vote and do everything he wants
At the end, why does senator Paine confess?
Smith essentially guilted him into confessing, especially after fainting
Contrast mr smiths view of democracy at the beginning of the movie with the reality of democracy toward the end
At the beginning, he though democracy was fair and real. At the end, he realized it was all corruption and no real democracy