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  1. By what method is Antigone sentenced to death?
  2. What is sophocles know for?
  3. What was the Thymele?
  4. What were the six parts of a Greek Tragedy?
  5. Who warns creon that the gods side with Antigone?
  1. a altar to Dionysus on which sacrifices were made, and which was sometimes used as a stage prop
  2. b Adding a third actor, fixing number of chorus to fifteen, introducing painted scenery, making each play of a trilogy seperate in nature, and making stories about human-human relationship rather than human-god relationships.
  3. c Prologue, Parados, 1st-4th episodes, choral odes, and exodos
  4. d Getting trapped in a cave
  5. e teiresias

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  1. She hangs herself
  2. Eteocles
  3. 406 BC
  4. wooden building with three doors through which actors made their entrances and exits
  5. Polyneices

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  1. What were limitations of greek theater?Prologue, Parados, 1st-4th episodes, choral odes, and exodos


  2. What is the orchestra?circular dancing place of the chorus; where performance is held


  3. What were the functions of the chorus?sets overall mood and expresses theme, Adds beauty (theatrical effectiveness) through song and dance, Gives background information, Divides action - breaks play into scenes, Usually fifteen members, Adds color, movement, spectacle, Offers reflections on events


  4. Who did Sophocles beat in a dramatic competition?406 BC


  5. What is Euripedes known for?Creating the first actor/protagonist and dialogue. Also invented theatrical masks


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