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  1. What is a theatron?
  2. What is the orchestra?
  3. What is Thespis know for?
  4. What is sophocles know for?
  5. When did Sophocles die?
  1. a 406 BC
  2. b where the audience sat
  3. c Adding a third actor, fixing number of chorus to fifteen, introducing painted scenery, making each play of a trilogy seperate in nature, and making stories about human-human relationship rather than human-god relationships.
  4. d Creating the first actor/protagonist and dialogue. Also invented theatrical masks
  5. e circular dancing place of the chorus; where performance is held

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  1. no violence on stage, no lighting, always outdoors, no curtains, no intermissions, off scene info relayed by messenger, continuous presence of chorus on sage, simple plots, action took place in a single day, and one scene plays.
  2. level area in front of the skene on
    which most of the plays action took place
  3. Getting trapped in a cave
  4. Creon and Antigone
  5. altar to Dionysus on which sacrifices were made, and which was sometimes used as a stage prop

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  1. What is Aeschylus known for?HIs bald head, adding a second actor, and creation of trilogies in which each episode related to the same theme.


  2. Who does Creon honor after the battle?Polyneices


  3. Who was the Greek god of theater?Dionysus


  4. Who did Sophocles beat in a dramatic competition?406 BC


  5. Who does Antigone attempt to bury?Polyneices


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