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R v Bateman

doctor-patient relationship; holds himself out as having special skill and knowledge; is consulted; owes a duty of care. No contractual relationship is necessary

Barnett v K&C HMC

duty arose once care was assumed / treatment undertaken;

Kapfunde v Abbey National

No doctor-patient relationship (paper-based opinion for insurance; no duty to prevent pure economic loss)

Goodwill v British Pregnancy Advisory Service

no duty to advise partner, only patient

Wilsher v Essex AHA

duty to provide personnel of sufficient skill

Griffiths v Kent Ambulance Service

Duty to provide ambulance in reasonable time on call is taken

Bull v Devon AHA

'a staff reasonably sufficient for the foreseeable requirements of the patient' (risk of delay to baby known)

R v Cambridge AHA

deference to resources allocation decisions by HAs

Lillywhite v UCL Hospital NHS Trust

High focus procedure = higher standard/duty

Bolam v Friern HMC

standard is to act in a manner acceptable to a reasonable body of professional opinion

Maynard v West Midlands RHA

accepted the Bolam test and justified it with reference to complexity and discretion

Bolitho v Hackney & City HA

Bolam applies only where the standard is reasonable and the decision taken was logical in all the facts

Whitehouse v Jordan

error of judgement is ONLY negligent if it is in breach of a duty and standard owed - i.e. lack of care

de Freitas v O'Brien & Connolly

11/1000, or consensus amongst the 11 experts worldwide...

Roe v Ministry of Health

state of the art at the time of the act

Crawford v Charing Cross Hospital

knowledge held not to have sufficiently disseminated in 6 months from Lancet publication

CJD litigation

duty was owed to cease treatment 3 years beforehand; treatment was not life-crucial, consent and possible risks were negligently exchanged

Wilsher v Essex AHA

Lower duty is owed if acting under instruction from more senior personnel; but inexperience does not by itself constitute an excuse (L Browne-Wilk. dissenting)

Sidaway v Bethlehem Royal Hospital

duty to disclose only risks with both high probability and severity (back operation, 1% not enough, 10% would)

Chester v Afshar

Once asked there is an absolute duty of disclosure

Pearce v United Bristol Healthcare NHS Trust

Duty to disclose what a reasonable patient would consider material (if not emotionally affected)

Bull v Devon AHA

68 min delay before arrival of competent doc

Barnett v K&C HMC

death would have ensued irrespective of negligence (arsenic)

Fairchild v Glenhaven Funeral Services

material contribution to overall risk when a disease cause is indivisiblel J&S L

barker v Corus

Fairchild but prop. award rel to material contribution to risk factor (indivisible injury, rival causes)

Bailey v MoD

award for negligence creating a weakness or susceptibility/risk of death

Chester v Afshar

Disclosure and causation: impossible to prove but for, policy imposes 'legal fiction' of certain/b.o.p. causation

Cassidy v MoH

Res Ipsa Loquitur (stiff fingers)

Scott v London & South Katherine's Docks

origin of res ipsa loquitur

Ratcliffe v Plymouth & Torbay HA

RIL did not apply - judge content to accept the evidence even if it leaves the damage unexplained

Gregg v Scott

No recovery for loss of a chance (had not yet died, alleged much reduced life expectancy) - policy argument

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