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Visual score analysis

pair of phrases


beginning of the melody is the same in both phrases

parallel period

beginning of the melody is different in each phrase

contrasting period


song form

first A section ends with an authentic cadence in the original key

sectional binary

first A section does not end with an authentic cadence in the original key

continuous binary


strophic form

new music for each stanza

through-composed form


rounded binary

exposition -1theme tonic, 2theme dominant/relative major); development;recapitulation (restate exposition)

sonata-allegro form

principal theme alternating with one of more contrasting themes (episodes or digressions) (ABACA, ABACABA, ABCBA)

rondo form

repeating bass theme

basso ostinato

theme and variation with a basso ostinato


writing distinct musical lines that sound harmonious when together


one melody line with no harmony or counterpoint, may have one line of rhythmic accompaniment


one clearly melodic line with accompaniment or other voices to fill in the chords (other parts are not independent bc either (1) same rhythm as melody (2) purpose to fill chords) (ex. choral music with same rhythms)


every voice moving together with nearly the same rhythm

chordal homophony

short melodic, rhythmic, or harmonic pattern repeated throughout composition


broken chords

alberti bass

one melodic line, not limited to chords moving together

melody with accompaniment (sometimes a form of homophony)

type of jazz with syncopated rhythms


more than one independent melody at the same time (ex. fugues)


theme introduced in one voice and imitated by other voices in succession at different pitch levels

fugal imitation (not only for use in fugues)

one melody, different variations being played at the same time


solo with an entire section


general range of a composition


actual notes as played by piano

concert pitch

the letter in the name; Bb

Read a C, sound ______. Ex. Bb instruments see and play their C and it sounds like ____.

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